Is it possible to increase the reading speed by 12x by using these three ways of boosting your reading speed

  1. Play an audiobook and read a book(Both the book and the audio book should be the same) and gradually increase the speed of the audiobook.(3x speed boost)

  2. Read with a finger for full comprehension and focus on the finger.(2x Speed boost)

  3. Skip the filler words. (2x speed boost)

I think that if you read at 200 to 300 wpm you should be able to boost your reading speed by multiple times by following these methods if this is possible,

Which I think it is however what I do not know is whether it is possible to boost the reading speed upto 12 times by using the methods above which are only some of the methods for increasing speed when speed reading,


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Hi @aicreator

The method you describe are oversimplified and not unique to what many people are doing. I believe many of them are not as fast as you expected.

You have a similarly titled topic:

And I have some questions for you:
.In how many seconds can you memorize a deck of cards?
.What are your reading speed on average now?

I have not memorized a deck of cards however I think that people can memorize it in 5 seconds(The time which I think it takes to look at and read all the cards in one deck and I think that it’s possible)

My current reading speed is around 2000 wpm with 70% comprehension and I believe that with some practice it will be about 3000 wpm with 90% comprehension.


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I have not memorized a deck of cards however I think that people can memorize it in 5 seconds(The time which I think it takes to look at and read all the cards in one deck and I think that it’s possible)

The current world record for a deck of cards is:

Thanks for your reply @aicreator

I’ve noticed a lot of posts mentioning gigantic increases in reading speed; one of them mentioned a claim of 25,000 WPM. I think if anyone had discovered a way to do this, it would have been reported in the literature of experimental psychology journals.
However, if you take a look, almost every study indicates that comprehension rapidly goes down as you increase your speed, even beyond 250 WPM.

I’d highly recommend to anyone interested in the topic to look at the research by Ronald P. Carver (you can find his 1997 paper “Reading for One Second, One Minute, or One Year From the Perspective of Rauding Theory” freely published online). He breaks down the actual processes involved when we do scanning, skimming, “rauding”, learning and memorising, and places some estimates on the upper limit of reading speed (assuming you want to comprehend what you read). According to his models, scanning is effective up to about 600 WPM, but reading for comprehension and learning is between 200-300 WPM.

Ultimately, we’re limited by the time it takes to recognise words and form the semantic links to the concepts they represent, and we’re severely limited by the amount of information that can fit into our short term memories, as well as the amount that can be encoded and stored in long-term memory.

I’d urge you to take claims about reading effectively at speeds in the thousands of WPM with a healthy dose of skepticism. As a kid, I was hooked on Tony Buzan’s books and really wanted speed reading to work, but it just didn’t live up to the promise.


Accuracy and comprehension drop really fast when you “speed read”. I have tried many different methods and I am already what you would call a fast reader. (average above 300 wpm)

I have found that speed reading was actually possible when reading something very simple or fiction but most claims are outrageous. Anything above 500 or 600 wpm is usually BS and also cannot really be measured. Most people who claim they can read faster than this have cognitive biases and are not ready to test their claims. (a bit like mediums)

When reading new topics and learning new skills, even top notch readers need to slow down. My advice is speed up when you can but do not lose the original goal of your reading: is it pleasure ? Learning ? Memorization ?


One way to increase reading speed and comprehension is to focus on the finger and to read for comprehension, It worked for me and it may work for you if you will try it,

I have difficulties with retention when speed reading at 2000 wpm and that problem is reduced when using the Memory Palace but my retention is still low,and it is problem that I face in speed reading and when reading for full comprehension my speed will go down a lot,

Jim Kwik said that the fastest readers have better comprehension because they have better focus, Maybe all the people who took part in those studies were not as focused as the fastest readers.

However Jim Kwik has a speed reading course which is advertised to increase comprehension and I believe that whatever Jim Kwik said was true,Because I believe that more focus increases speed, comprehension and retention along with other things.

And I hope to one day find a solution to my retention problem when speed reading,


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