International names - what is the adequate method?

Hello. There is this discipline international names on memory league website, do you have some ideas how to get better at it - international names? It would be best to have opinions of people who get 20+ names in international names.


I would recommend becoming familiar with how names work in different regions of the world. You don’t have to learn different languages. Just be aware of common endings and patterns so that perhaps you can recognise what part of the world a name is from. Being aware of the pronunciation can also help.


Hey comeon, I’m not as strong as Jan or Katie (my PB is 24 and 21 in compet).
It took me a month to do more than 13.

I agree with what @katiek said. Basically, you will see that a lot of pattern are very common. (Bjorg - Xin - tan - Xian - Yuang etc…) So learn to do associations with theme can be quite useful.

You can also use 2images per names ( Chrislawa : Christ / law)

Basically the more you train the more you are going to skill up.
Review your session is a good way to progress also.

It’s an infinite debate but I think to be able to do 30/30 you need to be talented, or train really really hard. I don’t know if the second option is possible. Hope I can prove that 30/30 is possible without anything special.