Implanted Chips to Improve Memory?

Maybe in 10-20 years there will need to be metal detectors at memory competitions. :slight_smile:

“Brain prostheses for the computer in your skull.”

Connected to the left temporal cortex, it monitors the brain’s electrical activity and forecasts whether a lasting memory will be created. “Just like meteorologists predict the weather by putting sensors in the environment that measure humidity and wind speed and temperature, we put sensors in the brain and measure electrical signals,” Kahana says. If brain activity is suboptimal, the device provides a small zap, undetectable to the patient, to strengthen the signal and increase the chance of memory formation. In two separate studies, researchers found the prototype consistently boosted memory 15% to 18%.

Full article: Upgrade Your Memory With a Surgically Implanted Chip

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I want one :slight_smile:
I want to wake up and say “I know Kung Fu”

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