Any of you folks who have winning records in Images have any advice for me for Images? My personal best is under 16 seconds, so you’d think I could win more of these matches than I lose, yet my record is a dismal 25-64.


I think images just requires practice. Also, you might want to slow down a bit and get a higher accuracy before gradually speeding up. Being better at names and words might help too, since they all deal with the imaginative and imagery part of the brain. :wink:

Claire W.


Thanks, Claire! You are crushing it on Memory League these days.


Thanks! But not necessarily in cards or numbers, which is vital in the US competition. But I’m really good at words and names… :wink:

How do you do images?


I use a memory palace with 15 loci. I have five of these MP’s I cycle through. I put two images on each locus and try to make them interact in some simple way. The last four images I just vocalize like “house, cat, truck, flower”, and then place those immediately when recall starts.