Image in front or back of my flashcards?

I am not sure what is the better way to do learning new words when using flashcards.

Let’s say we have a word “weep” as a verb.

In Anki I have the English word “weep” in the front together with the part of speech information “verb” and the Google Translator pronunciation that will play automatically.

In the back of the card I have the meaning/meanings in my native language, synonyms in English, antonyms in English, and some example sentences using this word.

Now, the question is, should I place the image of a weeping/crying baby in the front or in the back of the flashcard.

What is the preferred way here on this forum and why?

In this case,you can insert the image in the back of Anki card… There is not right or wrong way here. It all depends on your taste and preferences!!!

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I would also say using the image in the back of the card. In fact, if you have a chance, use something exaggerated as image, you’ll see the difference.

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I am experimenting with both versions and I think that, as you said as well, having it in the back side is better. It somewhat forces my brain to work more.
Also, I think I prefer to have the google voice translation in the back as well - this way I can practice the pronunciation before I hear it.
At least it seems to work better for English. Maybe for some more exotic language like Chinese it is better to have the sound in front or in front+back at the same time.

I also believe that having the image on the back makes your brain work harder and overall that is the best method in my opinion. That being said, I make reverse of every card that I make so that the image will also be on the front as well so that I can build the image from the word or the word from the image.