I need a method or app or AI to make me to speak in a language

I need a robot that would make me to speak a language by correcting my errors and forcing me to speak. Like, let’s suppose it is a nursing robot and it introduces me to an artificial environment.


Robot: Now you have to pick the horse toy.

Me: [speaks incorrect Chinese]

Robot: ma (word for horse as far as I am concerned)

Me - Mâ

Robot - Repeats ma.

Me: Ma.

Robot: “Congratulations” in Chinese.

Program: Now you are hungry and you have to ask for food.

Me: [speaks incorrect Chinese]

Robot - Corrects me until I speak something reasonable.

At least I would need some app or method to speak a language. The ones I know are not engaging to my level of self learning capacities. Do you pals have any comments? Thanks.

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