I can't visualize images in my mind

I’m struggling with the visualization technique because I can’t visualize images in my mind. I’m using major system every 2 digits are random person or object with a unique emotion or feeling.I place 6 digits per locus. I cannot see the locus in my mind but I can make an emotional story in the locus and when I recall the numbers I actually remember the facts and the feelings behind the story. Its very acomplicated to explain that. the hardest discipline for me is images because I cannot use memory palace and create a story or feel the image in my mind but I don’t care about this discipline. I just want to explain how my brain works and I was wondering if you might be able to give me some advice to improve my system for memorizing numbers and cards

How to think in pictures u can use this thread if it helps. But basically for starters visualize things u r going to do like eating a sandwich etc.

I hope that I am not being rude or jumping to conclusions but I heard of a condition called ‘aphantasia’ a condition where you can’t see using your minds eye. I won’t pretend that I know everything about it, but it sounds like it from the limited amount of information that you mentioned. And I wouldn’t know how to apply the techniques without using the minds eye, but I learned about this condition from a YouTube video where the young women had the condition, but was still a artist. I hope this was helpful.

Yes, unfortunately I have aphantasia :frowning:

Don’t let it get you down. The young women was an artist and had aphantasia as well. I am something of an artist myself, and I can’t imagine doing my art without my minds eye. But clearly it is not impossible. These techniques are very personalized as is memory so I would suggest working by your strengths. Here is a list that might make remembering things easier for you.

  1. Try to hear, feel, taste, and smell the image. Get your other senses involved versus trying to ‘see’ it.
  2. Try to think outside the box make the sensation unusual, but also logically make ‘sense’ if you can.
  3. Try to put emotion into the situation.(I know you are already, but try to connect it with the other things suggested.)
  4. Try to move with your senses (like feeling the wind, or suddenly you feel, taste, smell, hear something else. Try walking through your memory palace like a blind man would.)
  5. Try to exaggerate (like things smell too strong, or feel too rough)
  6. Try to Sexualize your memory with your senses. ( I won’t go into detail hahaha. But it is in your mind so who cares and you are likely to remember it )
  7. Try to repeat the senses at least two times before moving on.

I do something similar with the images in my minds eye, and I try to follow these methods. I hope you found this helpful.

Here is the link to the artist I was talking about:


Here’s a blog post that you may find interesting. In the post there’s a discussion about how the visualization element of memory may have been overemphasized, and as a result a lot of people who struggle to visualize images often decide to forgo memory training even though data show that they would still benefit. Maybe you can build stories through logical connections between loci and images without necessarily having to visualize them. You’d basically be leveraging the other components of memory.


I thought once I have aphantasia too but aphantasia is misleading label - stop telling this to yourself. You have visual imagination but on subcouncious level, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to function in 3D space we all live in. For example, even the simplest movements and actions are preceded by imagining them in your mind, but it happens so fast that most of us can’t even register it.

I can prove it. If you can tell me what color your shoes (or whatever) are without looking at them you just successfully excersised your subjective visual sense.

It is also obvious that you have others senses dominant, like in my case dominant is touch, movement, body sensations and feelings (kinestetic).

All you have to do is to start training your visual sense. Trying to recall your whole day before sleep helped me a lot. Speaking to myself about things I want to imagine or playing video games with the intent to remember as much of virtual environment as possible also helps (I especially like The Witness game).

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