How would you build this mnemonic (Concept Map of Concept Mapping)

For the Meta in Meta, I present to you the Concept Map.
How would you use the mnemonic skill used in competition to retain this model?


Concept Map of Concept Mapping

Since you said the mnemonic skill used in competition rather than a new system specific to it, it’s kind of more difficult.

Normally my first instinct is to simply make a memory palace that is structured like this. There are at most 5 pathways so this isn’t too difficult.

Someone at a competition may just store the concept map in an order so that they can recall it from the top to the bottom with some images and links to handle the navigation. The images and links may be predetermined for things such as ‘are’.

Otherwise a specific system similar to a peg list would be made to grasp the structure of any concept maps and they can then be simply stored in a memory palace.