How to write/draw a memory palace on paper

I have read a lot about memory palaces and know how to create them. But I have this one issue.

How do you write them down on paper?

Do you guys draw maps every time you create a memory palace?

How do you write down all the images/details of each loci?

Since I am thinking about to create a lot of memory palaces I would like to have a journal containing all my memory palaces with details in an organized manner.

Please let me know.

It would be very helpful if someone can post an image of their written/drawn down memory palace.


I just list my memory palaces if I have newly made them because they would let me recall the objects on default, it would be too time consuming to list down every memory is my reasoning for this though you could do this too.

I have a short note to recall things.
1.Sakura blossom roundabout
2.curve road
3.straight road
5.down slope

The reason for the lesser description of places afterwards is because from the first place its quite easy to recall the next, just this much information is more than enough to recall the entire structure. So I won’t be confused if I had 2 kinds of ‘turn’, I know it means from the current spot the road is forcing me to turn. I never note down my objects, it seems as though they stick really well to the place, I would need to note them down if I happened to use more than 4 objects in a loci though.


I think your idea of a notebook of sketches is a very good one.

Recommend you read this thread

There’s a rich discussion about different ways to implement memory palaces including some sketches, (and of mine).

There’s no reason it all has to be hand drawn. One could print out a picture of a suitable space and then draw on that. And one can make collages too. There’s no end of clip art and so on that can be just pasted into a simple program or printed, cut out and pasted on.

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I apologize this doesnt seem like constructive info, but this is what happened to me with my lists of palaces :

A few years ago, when I started building palaces, I build one exclusively for my palaces. I also made an anki deck and was adding them to both the palace and anki deck to reach a bit over 100 palaces.

I stopped making that effort because I never needed them, simply put. I thought that I would need this at first given the number of palaces, but I was wrong. ive got several hundred now and I have never needed neither my palace of palaces nor my anki deck.

Everytime I need something from one of my palaces, the palace I need always comes up.

And everytime a palace s content faded away because I didnt need revisit it enough, it really wasnt useful info anymore or I had simply managed to start recalling it all without the need of a palace.

Perhaps if I had thousands, but I doubt it, because I would still naturally revisit and recall what I needed and let go what was not needed anymore.


Can you explain how would you exactly do that? Draw pictures? I had a situation where I was putting 6 objects in one loci, so I drew pictures. I want to ask how you guys do that?

How do you keep track of your memory palaces then? Aren’t you afraid that one day you may forget or confuse yourself with all memory palaces you haven’t used over a long period of time?

Unless I could draw very quickly I would make short notes to help me recall. Sketches may seem reasonable if you have a digital pen. The reason I only make short notes, although I try to not have more than 3 objects in a loci, is simply because:

  1. The information is almost never forgotten so much that a very tiny bit of it can’t help you recall the entire object.
  2. If it is however, then in that case the information is forgotten so there is no point in recalling the object.
    If I visualised CO3 as a block of stone I can just note down “block of stone”. If the object I visualised doesn’t exist then I would describe it : “red orb with halo”. Seems faster than drawing it for me but I never really have to do this. It just feels better to make a new loci instead.
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I don’t know if you checked this thread [Miniature memory palaces - including your palm]

Here are a couple of mine for Javascript from that convo.


I don’t draw in color but I think it would be a big asset for this kind of work


Ive been doing this long enough and so many palaces…

But yes I was afraid of this at first but after a bit over 2 years and countless palaces I have never needed to glance at my list and palace of palaces. So I naturally stopped populating that list and I still have never lost track of any of them.

Ive been creating and using palaces for over 6 years now and still never had a problem getting back to them.

Looking to review my spanish, I instantly know where to go: anatomy, history, geography, recipes, numbers, coding, craft, many other languages, chinese caracters… Same thing.

Keep in mind I only create palaces for things I want to remember long term, ir practical things I need to learn to use out of the palace. So I do need to revisit when needed and it has always been enough to keep them fresh. I developed good reviewing habits for this to be possible.

All that info, I need to share it, use it, teach it, speak it, and their content is constantly updated, replaced, and used till the palace is no longer needed for that info, that breathing palace is now breathing life more than ever but is put to sleep till I have a need for it, and I always do because when I am in need the most familiar appears

My oldest palaces boy I am sooo attached to them. My first was for maltese words, one was Good Afternoon and my images were of a russian goose s p in ning and a tub! Il waranof sinare taieb (sounds like goose in French is Oie (wa)

My memory took a big hit these last couple years and i have noticed that I remember places of my childhood thanks to the many palaces Ive build with these at first. Around many of these, childhood homes, primary school, friends homes, are now big black holes. These palaces gave me much more than a way to remember what I put in them. They are myroots.


This thread has got me to become conscious of something interesting that happens regarding keeping track of palaces.

I tried to list all my memory palaces and so many dont come up!!! But pick a piece of info Ive placed in any of them and I instantly find myself there. Good thing, because thats whats useful. And I never needed a palace to remind me of what I studied, learn or ever tried to remember. Every piece of info I put in any of them I know like my own body. When something is needed and used I think it becomes working memory?? I guess thats what I get for things I place, review, live and relive in various ways, use in a memoey palace.

Thankfully, I have never needed to know a given palace existed, so much so that I never even realised that I couldnt find them.


Love your drawings, zvuv. I’ve never thought of contracting a memory palace in that way. I must try it.

Your experience with multiple palaces, camera, matches mine exactly. I actually have a list of the palaces and locations in a small book, but I never refer to it. I have a ‘ceremonial cycle’ which ensures that I visit each palace on a regular basis - at least once a year but usually every few months. I do have a memory aid for that cycle - a wooden ball with etchings on it and a quick scan of that ball will tell me of any I have failed to visit recently enough for it to still be robust.

I mostly only memorise practical data, but I am finding that the memorisation is such a pleasure that I keep wanting to add more palaces!