How to use the Major System in Portuguese

How to use Major System not being native english?


What language do you want to use?

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Make an association with each number to a consonant that is similar to your language. Or use a preexisting set of associations that fits well with portuguese. Google fu it.

Maybe you can reuse a set from other language that is similiar or shares roots.

You can use persons named in whatever language as long it rings you a bell. Just be consistent.


This is not very important. The Brazilian recorder Albert Dell’isola uses the major system, I also use a variation of the major system.


The Major System is a phonetic code, and all phonemes are present in Portuguese. You can use it right away.

For example, here are my first 10 pegs, based on The Major System:

  1. Tia
  2. Anão
  3. Mãe
  4. Rio
  5. Lua
  6. Jóia
  7. Oca
  8. Avô
  9. Boi
  10. Deus