How to use tags in the forum

This is a post in the #faqs section.

Forum threads (“topics”) can optionally be tagged with keywords to make them easier to find.

Please note that tags (as well as categories) may sometimes be edited by moderators for clarity and accuracy. Tags are optional and are only used occasionally, because posts are already grouped by category. See below for the difference.

How to add tags to your post

On the post editor look on the top right for the “optional tags” box.

Search for tags in the box. (At the moment, only staff can add new tags.)

Tags vs. Categories

Categories are broad groupings of topics. Tags are more fine-grained, and they allow topics to be collected into groups across categories.

Categories include broad groups like #memory-sports and #language-learning. Since both of those topics might have posts that are about memory palaces or the Major System, those posts can be grouped across categories with tags like #method-of-loci and #major-system, making them easier for visitors to find.

Both tags and categories can be linked to with hashtags. If you type a # sign, the forum will provide a list of available tags and categories, as shown in the image below.