How to use Memory Palace for upcoming law exam?


I’m a relatively new user. I recently came across studying about memory palaces. I have used the house where I grew up in my hometown as my palace. I have journey in mind and have fairly discerned what loci I will use. I have not yet used the memory palace to memorize anything. I’ve read about PAO systems etc, but due to scattered information I can’t quite seem to grasp how to incorporate everything to actually use it. I have a law course exam coming up in October 2015.

I would REALLY appreciate some help with how to use memory techniques to prepare for this exam.


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First of all; any and all techniques are based on association.
Now; your question is ‘how to apply this to law’?

In law there are cases and the book(s) of the law.
Let’s start with an example of learning the book of the law.
For example; in the New York Penal Law, Article 160, ‘robbery’ is defined. see:

160, using the Major system, is ‘dishes’.
So associate ‘robbery’ to ‘dishes’ and you know the exact article that deals with robbery.

This is how you memorize the New York State Law.

Thank you for replying.
What about memorizing non-numerical information?

This is the easiest thing!
The getting started guide explains how to do this.

Memorizing grocery lists?

Yes! The technique for memorizing groceries is the same as memorizing law.

Law is a large field with a plethora of categories. Ranging from Criminal Law, Torts, Contracts, and so on…… I would have a building for each I would draw these buildings out in a composition notebook. From there I would label each building with a goofy picture for each category. Example Criminal Law OJ Simpson Books, or whatever image just make it outrageous (Funny, Sexual, Disturbing, Violent, Exceptional beautiful) Whatever triggers the image.

There a a number of rules one must not only understand but grasp in order to apply this system efficiently, Here a some people do change them around but I will give you my personal rules and notes.

***** The Memory Palace Is Google Maps In Your Sphere****

  1. Palaces can be real or made up (Most people prefer to go with living buildings, With my imagination I prefer to make it up. In each case you need to know the inside of your palace. I prefer to write it down and draw it out as a quick reference. These palaces can get so detailed and so many built it may give one a sense of comfort to document them.

  2. Order and Placement are vital to such a system. For example you use your house as a palace but you can use it over and over again but keep the loci the same. Some people have temporary palaces and other have more long term palaces. Not only do you want to use these palaces as a means of of passing your law exam but since this is your field you would want to know them without having to second guess yourself. I am sure you are familiar with the TV show Suits. Of course Mike as a photographic memory and I know of one person who does but that is rare. The memory palace is the closest thing to a photographic memory. If I turned the lights off in your house and told you to walk to the bathroom you could do it without thought. That is how well you have to know your palaces. Its a fail safe you cannot get the information wrong because for example I go to my bed room and as I walk in is the closet their is a strong aroma and smoke is coming out of the closet as I open the closet door their is factory which is the first of the 12 cranial nerves which is the the first is the Olfactory. As you can tell I am studying medicine. Which covers a vast amount of information in a short span of time.

  3. You could have a system where you memorize the palaces in alphabetical order. So have an A palace and a B place. Everyone is different you have to experiment.

  4. I meditate for 30mins a day after i wake up and go through my palaces. Some people have better memory then others. Some people need to recall information much greater then others. Some use these systems for life other use it life time. I use mine for a life time and build on it.

Hope this helped to some extent.


Wow what a great, detailed reply! Thank you so much and apologies for the late response from my side. Recently got married, been offline mostly.

Definitely avoid practicing with shopping lists. It might be the same thing as memorizing law, but that’s like forcing a kid learning piano to play Bach when he or she really wants to play Goth metal.

Everything cc477 says is sound. Especially the meditation part. Don’t enter a Memory Palace without it. :slight_smile:

Agreed. As you can see by my profile pic Hannibal Lecter was a god when it came to his memory palace to the extent that it was his mental escape. Yes I know he was a made up character but Thomas Harris the author who created the character Lecter and novels knew of the memory palace system. It goes back centenaries ago. People were taught this system at an early age, it was expected. Here is a link to Hannibal Lecters Palace in Harris book. He unlike a lot of other people only has one palace which makes the demand to meditating so much more important. In fact in Harris book “Hannibal” he talks about indepth Hannibals Palace and how he lived in his memory palace. Kind of like the movie Fight Club go to your cave. Well if you want peace and quiet go to your palace. Here is a glimpse of Hannibal Lecters memory palace Give me your thoughts. There are more examples in the book but here is one. Need anymore advice shoot me a message I to am still learning and will always consider myself a student.

Hannibal Lecters Palace:

The memory palace was a mnemonic system well known to ancient scholars and much information was preserved in them through the Dark Ages while Vandals burned the books. Like scholars before him, Dr. Lecter stores an enormous amount of information keyed to objects in his thousand rooms, but unlike the ancients, Dr.Lecter has a second purpose for his palace; sometimes he lives there. He has passed years among its exquisite collections, while his body lay bound on a violent ward with screams buzzing the steel bars like hell’s own harp.
Hannibal Lecter’s palace is vast, even by medieval standards. Translated to the tangible world it would rival the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul for size and complexity.

We catch up to him as the swift slippers of his mind pass from the foyer into the Great Hall of the Seasons. The palace is built according to the rules discovered by Simonides of Ceos and elaborated by Cicero four hundred years later; it is airy, high-ceilinged, furnished with objects and tableaux that are vivid, striking, sometimes shocking and absurd, and often beautiful. The displays are well spaced and well lighted like those of a great museum. But the walls are not the neutral colors of museum walls. Like Giotto, Dr. Lecter has frescoed the walls of his mind.

He has decided to pick up Clarice Starling’s home address while he is in the palace, but he is in no hurry for it, so he stops at the foot of a great staircase where the Riace bronzes stand. These great bronze warriors attributed to Phidias, rased from the seafloor in our own time, are the centerpiece of a frescoed space that could unspool all of Homer and Sophocles.

Dr. Lecter could have the bronze faces speak Meleager if he wished, but today he only wants to look at them. A thousand rooms, miles of corridors, hundreds of facts attached to each object furnishing each room, a pleasant respite awaiting Dr. Lecter whenever he chooses to retire there.
Fearfully and wonderfully made, we follow as he moves with a swift stride along the corridor of his own making, through a scent of gardenias, the presence of great sculpture pressing on us, and the light of pictures. His way leads around to the right past a bust of Pliny and up the staircase to the Hall of Addresses, a room lined with statuary and paintings in a fixed order, spaced wide apart and well lit, as Cicero recommends.

Ah… The third alcove from the door on the right is dominated by a painting of St. Francis feeding a moth to a starling. On the floor before the painting is this tableau, life-sized in painted marble.
A parade in Arlington National Cemetery led by Jesus, thirty three, driving a ’27 Model-T Ford truck, a “tin lizzie,” with J. Edgar Hoover standing in the truck bed wearing a tutu and waving to an unseen crowd. Marching behind him is Clarice Starling carring a .308 Enfield rifle at shoulder arms.

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Oops correction he had more then one palace but it comes across to me that this was his main go to place. He had thousands of rooms. he used this to get through medical school and he ranked top of his class. Students aren’t taught how to learn to learn. Just makeup some flash cards and be on your way and pray to god that the answer will kick in when you need them the most. Law and medical are very similar both require knowledge of vast information and u have to be on your feet in both and the vocabulary in both fields are like aliens from another planet. I have also thought about law. High expectation in my family mom went to Harvard grandfather went to Yale, and great Aunt RaidCliff.
If you truly want to master this system I strongly advise you to read France A. Yates book called “The Art of Memory” guess what new guy who wants to be a lawyer just buy the book and flip to page 11 it gives a beautiful example of how a lawyer would apply this ancient method after lawyers back then had to keep the laws in their head because libraries were not as accessible back then. . I don’t want to risk plagiarism otherwise I would post quote it for you. But here is the link to the book. Just BUY BUY BUY BUY IT!!!

I would seriously pay $1,000 dollars for it!!! It maybe floating around on the internet so u might want to do a search for the pdf file. It is a great book and the author deserves the money. I’m glad Barns and Noble had a copy :slight_smile:



Its not as simple as that.

Actually, it is as simple as that. It’s only that too many people don’t realize it.

You just have to get started. That’s where the magic begins. :slight_smile:

Its how far you want to take it. Remembering a simply grocery list is one thing memorizing a whole subject such as medical or law one must have a bunch of pegs and an organized system. If you read The Art of Memory by Yates it goes into great detail its very complex if you want to keep books in your head word per word and keep all of your class subjects in your head, along with facts and detail about your clients as well as in your head then yes it complex. This is not magic this is science. Again its how far to you want to take it. If you want to use it for simple thing like groceries so be it. But if you want to memorize medical terms and structures and cranial nerves and bones, and muscle like am doing then yes it is complex. I dont just use my memory palace I live in their. Its not rocket science I agree but its not the ABC either you need to know the rules and I find a lot of people don’t and that is how people ■■■■ this up. Also how much detail one wants to remember has a role. For medical and law one must be exact. Nothing is simple until its understood. Nothing is simple until you understand it and nothing is common sense until you are exposed to it enough times. After all common sense isn’t so common.

Yates discusses the importance of:
Keeping your palaces at a distance
Short term/Long Term palaces
memorizing numbers
memorizing for things vs memorizing for words
The importance of spaces too big vs too small
multi storied
Locking doors
and so on

Yes it it very complex. I presume you haven’t read his book otherwise you wouldn’t have said that.


Again, so sorry for the late reply. Life has been in the way of internet access.
Thank you so much for the detailed explanatory replies.
I just downloaded The Art of Memory by Frances A Yates, pdf. I will give it a read. I do have time on my hands right now as I got free from school and soon plan on moving back to the US to go to law school there and get a J.D degree. So I definitely need to develop a palace/palaces and/or any technique I can. I’m not sure where to start, last time I pretty much failed at getting anything inside a palace. I am completely aloof to any peg systems of PAO systems etc or anything remotely basic even. I’ve just read bits and pieces of scattered information that has been more confusing than straightforward. I have not grasped how to put it all together to develop my memory.
Do you recommend I just read the book? May I contact you later via message?

Her book. Yates is female.

I just sent you a message to your inbox with my personal email I check that daily. Like anything it takes time to understand, practice and then applying it. Yates book is the best book on the memory palace there other books out their but his book is the most detailed I’m talking about coming up with your own coded language yes the memory place can be very complex if you want to a quire large amounts of information and also be able to retrieve that information with surgical precision within seconds. its a joke if your using it to apply to a grocery list but if you want to get a law library in your head or medical book two fields that require quick thinking in high risk situations. With a doctor you lose a patient with a lawyer your client goes to jail, or looses their company. One system I am highly against is the alphabet system which lacks logic so stay away from that system but that is my opinion. Again I sent you my email to your inbox and feel free to email me whenever I check that daily. I have also taking several legal courses before so I have an idea of getting that vast amount of information in your in your head that is a logical not some stupid alphabet system which having 26 buildings each building represents each letter of the alphabet. Hey, if that works for you so bet it but that just makes no sense to me when it comes to the medical and legal field. You categorize the buildings by: subjects halls, or rooms then objects are the pegs and attached to the pegs are images that represent the facts for what you want to know. Your palace should be so concrete in your mind made up or based of a real location that you just simply close your eyes and teleport their. I have a great imagination I prefer to make my palaces up and then use a spread sheet to document where things are as a fail safe since the info has to be dead on. So I I take my class notes and text book notes summarize them into bullet points they write them on my spread sheet then I makeup a self quiz and see I quickly I can go through my palace to get the answers. U need to move through your palace in a certain route that way you dont miss things but you have a test question on contract law you simply speed past that building, hall, or room and go to that location dealing with contracts. You can put all the subjects under one roof or under separate roofs. I personal have an academic palace that i made up from my memory as well as some influence from my favorite video game Quest For Glory 5: Dragon Fire. When I entire my palace their is a picture my saying you can do this! She passed away 2013 graduated from Harvard. Then I enter a huge room which is marble floor with tall green pillars in a round about fashion there are several long hallways each represents a subject and each room represents a chapter or Lab if you are taking medical classes. This isn’t some dam memory system to me I live their and go their in my mind to relax and to be totally completely focused on what I am doing. Any more questions shoot me a message to the email I gave you I will respond quicker.

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Guess what its called a MISTAKE! I just think of a males name probably because I think of William Butler Yeats, the poet, so whenever I hear or see the word Yates I think male. Remembering names and remembering ideas are two different parts of the brain. How about you scroll up and see in one of my earlier post to him I gave him an example and a exact page number. You didn’t have to presume anything like a retard because the answer was directly above you.Yet some how my comment bypassed you. Now I presume you are retarded based off your comment get my point.

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I am a Chartered Accountancy Student @cc477 you have given me the hope of remembering the laws. I will read the book “Art of Memory”.

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from where r u doing CA