How to unite mind map with Leitner system?

Hello everyone!

I’m new here, but I already want recommendations from you about some software that I can put my mind maps in to review under this system called Leitner.

I have used the Anki software for some years to create my flashcards. He’s wonderful, but sometimes I need to take a holistic view of everything I study. And this vision I have with mind maps. It doesn’t make much sense for me to throw the entire mind maps on Anki, as I would violate the principle of minimal information, lectured by Wozniak, author of SM-2 (SuperMemo), an algorithm that runs in Anki’s bowels.

So I wanted to throw the images of my mind maps into some software that follows the Leitner review line, but I don’t know any.

I looked on this website and found these, but they are for creating flashcards:

I just want to throw the maps into the software so that it can schedule my revisions.