How to remember Sentences and many words using Mind Palace ?


Hello,i’m new here and i need your help please,in one month i must learn 3 educational materials(geography,history,and literature),its like 300 pages or more ,and i want to use the mind palace,i used it before to memorize a few decks of cards,
but that was easier ,now i have to remember names,dates,locations,whole stories.
And i got a few questions : How do i store sentences ,locations,stories in mind palace?
What system to use?(all the systems i found are based on memorizing digits not words)
Can i remember that much in one month ?
I need your help,any suggestion is welcomed. :slight_smile:
Thank you!


This is a full packed questions! You need some basic systems like a number system because you have to remember dates. The next thing is you need to get good at changing words into images and being able to pick the main idea out of a sentence. You don’t have to memorize whole sentences. This is a mistake that a lot of people make. As long as you get the main idea from the sentence, you should be able to recall the important part.

If you have some examples, it would be a lot easier to show you. Also the biggest thing is how are you going to be tested? You need to learn the information so it matches the way you are tested.


Sorry for not responding in time,today i saw the answer…
I learned the materials and finish the exams without the use of the mind palace,i had to learn using only motivation…
Now i want to get serious about the mind palace.
What number system you would suggest for remembering dates ?And how would you store math and physics ?
Thanx !