How to read group of words at a time???

Hi all,

Recently I started speed reading again. I wanted to give it one more shot. Currently I try to read daily a book using my finger. I also heared about reading multiple words at once. It is called clustering. I have tried it, but it is not working out so good. I tried to read two words at a time. But it is difficult sometimes I look at two words but I get the feeling I read one word at a time. I know about speed reading software where you can train reading multiple words at a time but I have my doubts. Because I tried it and it worked but you can’t apply it when you are reading a paper book.

So does any one have some tip in how to learn and train reading multiple words at a time? I have searched it on the internet, but there is very little information about it.

Many thanks.

Start by reading the small columns in the newspapers.

Or, use to read texts and to get you brain accustomed to reading 2 or more words at the time.
(use ‘settings’ to change chunk size)


Thanks for your reply. I have heared about and have tried it out. I am only wondering if you realy can read multiple words on other materials like paper books. Because then you don’t have something that chunks multiple words. I have tried chunking them myself, but it doesn’t work out so good. Because sometimes you chunk it and then you will only get more confused because of the weird combinations of words.

How have you done it and what’s your experience?

Many thanks.

Your brain first needs to get accustomed to reading in chunks.
Once that is attained, you can use it with everything that you read.
Also, swipe your finger faster than you can read. It forces your brain to keep up.

Another useful training is to read backwards.
Yes, you read it right; read backwards.
Again, a newspaper is useful here.
Swipe your finger from right to left and read the line.
This teaches your brain to read out of order.
Trust your brain. It is highly capable of putting the words in the right order.

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This is not difficult to achieve!

There is something you need to notice first. Your brain is always reading all the languages that you know. When you take a look to a sign on the street. You automatically read it. Even if you wanted it or not.

This is what you do for the speed reading. You don’t have to be conscious of the words that you are reading. Only of the message that you are getting.

Focus your sight on the center of the paragraph/line that you want to speed read. Your mind will do the rest it just take a little bit of practice and a lot of confidence to achieve this.

Hi bas,

You should try reading Kris Maddens Learn to Speed Read, his whole approach revolves around eliminating subvocalization, building a visual vocabulary, and learning not to read common words like the and and.Teaches what to do with your eyes, whilst not using a pointer. But I know some things about pointer reading if you are interested.

I use these sites for speed reading. Most of them have a choice of how many words to read at one fixation. (usually 2-5 words). Then you set the rate. 2 word chunk at 200 chunks per minute, then becomes 400 wpm. You can benchmark what’s more comfortable for you.
(all saved in my bookmarks)

Actually, I find more comfortable to speed read multiple words a time, rather than one by one. It takes practice though.

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I’ve written about some RSVP-related speed reading technologies in the past which you might find helpful:

RSVP is very different from prior speed reading technologies including the one which you’re currently using, but my guess is, having used several myself, that you’ll appreciate and enjoy the RSVP systems much better.