How to practice 5-minutes numbers? How many loci for early practice?

I am creating 2-digits PAO at the moment and will finish memorise the wholesystem by next week.

I just realized that there is no speed numbers like speed card.

For example, speed card I have to prepare at least one palace with 18 loci for PAO.

Now with 5-minutes numbers as I got faster I have prepare ever growing loci. What would be your advice for the palace size? How many loci should prepare for? How to deal with faster speed and growing locis?

Is there any wiki talking about competition preparation?


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Do Pi expansion first, it really helped me to realize how many loci I have at that moment. I had gone through 100 Pi digits at my very beginning of mnemonics, like 3 years ago. About a year ago, I did the construction of PAOX. Yet, I found myself cannot control such a roar system! So, I did another practice, Memorize the first thousand Pi digits with PAOX. When I did about 400 Pi digits, I gave up using PAOX, Erol suggested to me start from basis, master P->A->O util what I aim at.

Back to the track, why I suggest you memorize the 1000 pi digits first. Not only because it is a decent method to train your number skills but also a great way to find out how many loci you have. When you struggling with how to organize your mp, there is no need to having them be exactly connected in a real-life. Just persuade yourself, you can do teleportation, then between the large gaps of mp, imagine yourself do a time/dimension jump to the next mp is totally fine.

This is for you to check progress.
You might also wonder how to react to a certain digit quicker.

It is always good to embrace learning new mp. I am sure we have got many palace suggestions in this forum. Finally, I suppose for a memory trainer (not an athlete), having 4-digits in a locus, with 30 loci per mp. 600/4=125 loci, 125 / 30 = 4 and round-up for 5 mp is pretty enough for a day.


Thank you for the practical advice!

Would you mind explain or point me to the information about PAOX?

:rofl: Sure.

For me, my X is mainly a mixture of objects or effects in my mp, eg weather :cloud_with_rain::rainbow::snowflake:, pet :hatched_chick::gorilla::squid:, environmental attribute: grass land :ear_of_rice: … etc
Note I am still polishing my skill in PA for speed games. For long term memory I use PAO. PAOX I will hold on until I can master PAO smoothly.

To expand a system there you have two obvious ways, one is by expanding vertically single digits to 2-digits to n digits system. Or horizontally, PAOXXXX… X can be any extra attributes.

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