How to organize memory palace for vocabulary

How do I organize memory palace for learning english vocabulary?
I try to learn 50 new english vocabulary every week. These 50 words are random and have no relation with each other what so ever. If I make memory palace for 50 each time, it won’t be organized and I when I recall the word in the future, It will be hard to.

So How do i organize my memory palace for learning english vocabulary?

You could do a few things, together with the things I mentioned in your other topic.

By week
Doing it by week is still a valid option. You review the palaces, so you will sort-of know where to find a word. It helps to have maybe a document or file on your computer listing all 50 words you got in each palace in case you really lost it. That way you can retrieve it.

This helps by giving you a reason to add other tecniques into the mix so you can memorize the words.


You could go with an alphabetical approach, each palace for words starting with a certain letter. This could make it easier to retrieve words as you have to look in only one palace rather than in a lot.

By theme

You could also order the vocab by theme, given that the words allow for something like that. It is a pretty good approach as it forces you to think more about the words, which is always a bonus.