How to organize memory palace for vocabulary

want to learn more English vocabulary but I don’t know how I organize my memory palace to do this. I tried organizing my memory palace through alphabetical order. But that was really confusing as I had to create over 20 giant memory palaces. Also it I organized it alphabetically and i read a word. Umm let’s say that the word is cape. Then would I have to sit there and search for the word cape on my memory palace every time?

Please help by giving me tips to organize my memory palace to learn vocab words


It works for what it is supposed to do: be a mental “book” that you can use to check on information when you can’t immediately recall it.

Ordering it alphabetically is fine, but you have to remember that it does not mean that you know it in a way that you can grab it from your memory instantly. All that you have is a mental note of something you want to remember.

Frequent reviews of your palaces help, but you mentioned that you would need 20 giant memory palaces, meaning that you probably want to remember a lot of words, so I don’t think recall alone will cut it.

Now, maybe there are some better advices from people who memorize languages more than I do, but I’d say that your number 1 focus should be on using the words. If you use them, you have less of a need for your memory palace. This should help a lot already. You can then also use your loci for the words you really have to memorize to know.

Especially if your goal is conversations or other fluent use of the language, memory palaces alone are not going to get you there. Using a language is like riding a bike, even if you know all about it, you will still fall on your face if you never do it.


I tried memorizing individual words and it was a waste of time. I found that memorizing phrases stuck better(Maybe because each word acts as a cue for the next word?) I think that is the idea behind the method PAO. Also realizing that the top 3000 most commonly used words will cover 90% of everyday conversation made life much easier because those 3000 words can be Condensed into maybe 1000 phrases. PAO x 3. The tough part for me was memorizing the sounds of the spoken language. For example two words spoken together often don’t sound anything like the words spoken separately. For me It felt like I needed a whole new set of cues for words spoken together which is why memorizing phrases works much better since that is how people actually speak. For example, cannot and can’t sound totally different.


You can organize memory palces alphabeticaly and give every location a name of a person you know ,caracter, animal ,start withe the letters you give to every location
But only choose, like 20 micro locations inside the macro location exempl
Room in yoir house (macro location) itemes inside the room (micro stations)
Memory palace A, Adel the singer as a reminder and adel she is going to do the action inside the palace,or you, if you want another words that start with an A but the second letter is B like Abbreviation
Give the second memory palace 20 stations also. Now you have a memory palace for the letter A and one specific for the leter Ab .you can look for a word you want a little bit easier.

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