How To Memorize Phone Number Fast

I have Done the dominic system 00 - 99 characters, and I remember them all. it was difficult but not impossible at all. But I have issue with memorizing numbers fast, it take me 20-30 seconds to memorize 10-digit phone numbers… and it’s a lot… my friend did memorize 10-digit phone number in just 8 second and he wasn’t using any memory technique… okay it was easy one… but I think there is a way of memorizing 10-digit very fast! could you help me?

I am reading book “how to develop a perfect memory” by Dominic o’brien and it’s great! it taught me how to memorize phone number but he didn’t give in it any tips or trick to memorize them fast!!! it’s old book though… I mean I think there are a lot better and faster ways now in the area of memory?

You get a lot faster the more you practice. You could also create images for common area codes in your area.


create images for common area codes in your area
Can you please clarify this sentence? I didn't get it.. my english is not that good

Well, where I live, 95% of people have the first 3 digits of their phone number as either 598 or 274(example). So, I created one image for 598 and one for 274, and then whenever I memorize a number I already know the exact image, and only have to come up with the other seven digits(ie; 598-xxx-xxxx)


You could expand your system, I use a PAO system that allows me to place 8 numbers in just one stage, believe me you will get faster with practice, also using mnemonics you will remember the numbers longer than if you are using short term memory like your friend.

thank you guys. how you make the images? for example numbers 15 05 32 43 83. my characters for these numbers are 15 = albert einstein writing on a blackboard. 05 = orlando engelaar kicking a football. 32 = christian bale hitting on a table. 43 = david copperfield flying. 83 = henry cooper jumping rope. what kind of image would you guys make and where would you put it? Dominic O’brien suggest putting it on a single one place for example if it is my mothers phone number I would put it in our kitchen because she cook there a lotn or if it is my friend I would put it in front of his house. but I read from moonwalking with einstein that he (josh foer) put the images on a memory palace, he has created special memory palacy for only phone numbers. which one is more memorable?

For me that`s DoLly SeLls MoNa to RuMmy at FeMa (Major System)
(Dolly could be Parton or the Sheep)
MoNa is Mona Lisa
RuMmy is Donald Rumsfeld
FeMa is any disaster site you choose (Tornado, Flood, Fire. Hurricane, etc.)

15	<strong>DoLly</strong>	DueLs	DaLek	
05	SaLly<strong>	SeLls</strong>	SeaLs	
32	MiNnie	MooNs	<strong>MoNa</strong>
43	<strong>RuMmy	</strong>RuMmages	haReM	
83	FeMbot	FoaMs	<strong>FeMa	</strong>

I could make image such as the following: Albert einstein kicking a ball to christian bale’s head, christian bale take the hit and then he flies to henry cooper while henry cooper is jumping rope. and put it for example in my boss’s office at my workplace if this was my boss’s phone number. I think this is called linking method? I have noticed that it is more memorable when characters have something associations with each other. if you make image such as the following: albert einstein kicking a ball to christian bale’s head and beside this action david copperfield jumping a rope, you are making kind of two different images in one place, and it is not memorable at all. I did at first like latter, but then I tried this linking method and it worked more efficiently!