How to memorize 00-99 List under Major Method?

I’ve prepared a 00-99 Major Method list.

My question is, How do I memorize them?

i) Using Memory palace.
If I use memory palace the issue is how do I create Locus. Example: 50 is ‘Lasso’, my locus would be girl carrying lasso but how do I attach it with the ‘50’?

ii) Spaced repetition
first memorize them then using Anki perform spaced repetition on them?

Thanks in Advance

If you want to use a memory palace to initially commit your 00 … 99 list to memory, I’d suggest using the seven memory palaces as described here: How to memorize the 100 year codes for calendar calculation?

This way you’ll have about 15 items per palace, which is a more manageable number than 100 in one go. Also, you’ll know how to calculate the weekday for any date in the Gregorian calendar… so additional skill for free.

Yes, do use spaced repetition once you have set up your seven memory palaces and gone over them a few times. So the other way around… first memory palace, then SRS.

You don’t… Lasso is 50 because the letter match the digits… but that’ll come after a few reviews automatically.


I use Anki, it’s great. I do custom reviews from time to time to keep them fresh.
I initially added 20 new numbers per day.
At first you will have to do the connection with the letters in the major system, but it will soon just be knowledge. When I hear 63 I instantly see Jim Carrey. :slight_smile:


I have used “Grid” technique(developed by Feinagle in the early 1800’s.) to memorize Major Method. I put 9 grids/cells/boxes on each wall of a room(of a memory palace) and the 10/20/30/40/50 on the ceiling of each wall. Then,I put each images of the “Major List” in each grid in a chronological order. That is it. Each room has 50 major number images. It takes only two rooms to memorize all Major Numbers. Memorization is very fast in this grid method. You can visit those grids anytime you want.

I tried Anki alone intitially,but Anki was very slow. With Grid method,it took only three days to get all the images of Major System. After I grasped the images of Major System with Grid,I then,put them in Anki for review!

The process is explained in the following video:

It would seem to me that you should just go over them by decoding the numbers. You will need to be able to efficiently encode and decode using the numbers in order to use the major system effectively, so why not memorize them by practicing that skill: decode by working out the number from the image, encode by recalling the image through the numbers themselves.