How to memorise alphabetic number sequence

One year ago, I saw a very fantastic trick to learn alphabetic number. So I think to share it
To remember these numbers you first see my trick
A - It can be easily remembered by it is on No. 1
B - from B you can link a bike or bicycle (which
has two tires)
C - from C you can link ‘sea’ ( because india is.
surrounded by water in three sides )
Or you can easily remembered by rote.
D - from D you can link a door that has 4.
E - if you made E by matchsticks it requires 5.
F - In F you can see the image of 6 if you draw.
2 lines under the 4
G - if you know G-7 you can easily remembered
H - in H you can easily seen 8
I - When you saw ’ I ’ you speak a sentence ’ I
know (9)
J - for J you imagine a hockey stick and a ball.
(hockey stick is 1 and ball is 0)
K - when you pull the bent line of K it is easily.
remembered that K is 11
L - in cursive writing L is seen as 12
M - M is seem as 3 so you can remember this.
as 13
N - you can remember N with the help of M
O - O is remembered by the EJOTY formula
E -5
J -10
O -15
Y -25
P - when you turn p in clockwise direction it is
seen as 16
Q - 17 it is remembered as danger sign
R- because my name starts with the letter R
I easily memorised this.
S - when you draw line in S it is seen as 19
T - you memorise it as T-20 cricket match
u - when you turn this it is seen as 21
V - when you made V by fingers as victory.
sign it is seen as 22
W - it is easily remembered as 23 because.
we can see 23 in W
X - X denotes 4 sides
Y - y is the second last letter so it can be.
easily remembered
Z - the no. of Z is 26
Thank you for reading my post.
I hope it will help you.
If you have any doubt you comment below the question.


This is great! I think most of us had heard of EJOTY, however, I’d never thought of it that way before with the letters matching the digits. It gives me some more good ideas. Nice post!


This is great! Thank you Raja for this list and for sharing your system.

Another idea popped in my mind. You could link the letters with numbers and images from the major system. A would be 1 and 1 is, for example the sun, because there is only one sun in our solar system (except Tatooine from Star Wars :smiley:).

Yours Sincerely


What goog timing! I am experimenting the first time on an artificial Palace inspired by a simple 30 by 30 grid. So I’ve just added an extra ABCD at the end of your Zed and I’ve got a 30 x 30 grid which will contain my 900 Chinese characters for reading children’s books. I simply linked your one two three four to my 27 28 29 and 30 for now it’s only for extra links so I won’t have any problems remembering them. You just saved me at least half an hour and inspired extra ideas thanks a lot thanks a million you’re so cool I love you🎶


I made three small changes for me.

The head from the 9 popping off it becoming the dot on the i

The 1 from 15 wraps around tightly the five to make an O with it.

My Q becomes an inflatable tube raft and I put it on #17 person.

I initially made it a Scottish kilt ,K + I 7(often a 7 is just a T for resemblance) , when tried to get from 17 to letter, gotta blank. The Q being a tube around my 17 guy works both ways perfectly!


Thanks erol
And if you want to remember you can also remember this by
CFILORUX ( An eyedrop medicine)


I like your inflatable tube raft so much .

But in my memorisation I learn it as danger sign
But your trick was awesome.