How to learn Physics text+equations

I have a Physics exam in a few days and wanted to ask how to learn a lot of text and some equations as fast as possible?

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I have taken some physics classes. What I found useful is doing the practice problems. The equations you get are quite complex and you can memorize them buy using a symbol system then creating a story that keeps all the parts in order. But doing the problems really drills it in your head because you look at them so long and really think about what is happening. You know what I mean?

What kind of text are you trying to remember?


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You might be interested in this thread: Memorizing Physics Equations - 180+ - Video Inside.

There is a wiki page about the story method. Also check out the β€œFeynman Technique”.

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The equations are not so difficult like rF=100Γ—(aF/S)
the text is the problem
it’s about pollutants and how they affect humans

I have no idea what that says haha But what do you need to be able to do with the information? Just recall parts of it? All of it? or what?

reproduce the content of it