How to improve visual memory


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That’s my secret, sorry. But you can try another technique called Image Streaming. It is also capable of increasing visualization, albeit to a lesser degree.



As a long term reader, I can vouch that reading fiction books and imagining in increasing detail all of the things depicted WILL give you the abilities you desire. Eventually, it will be effortless. You’ll get to the point that you’ll actually have to try to see the words instead of your brain automatically translating everything into an imagined environment.

Imagine even the things it doesn’t describe- light, shadow, smells, background noises, foreground noises, touch, emotions, sight, taste- EVERYTHING. Live in that imagined world. You will get the abilities you want.

It took me approximately 1 decade of nonstop reading to get this point. But it is SPLENDID. :star_struck:



Since you pinged me, I’ll give you one advice. Of our five senses, taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound, disregard taste, touch and smell. Focus on sight and to some extent sound.

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Can u suggest some excercises plssd



If you don’t have aphantasia OP, how about trying this practice regimen?

  1. Decide on the details for your memory palace: material of walls, material of flooring, the lighting, the material of the furniture, the exact lengths and widths, the exact architectural type of door/chair etc.
  2. Practice going through it with these details
  3. A few days later, “test” yourself on the details. Close your eyes and note all of the details in your mind palace. When done, write them down. Now compare them to your “decided details” notes that you made a few days ago. Did you recall all the details? Then you’re good! If you didn’t, you need more practice.

Beyond that, maybe some advice would be

  • Go very slowly through your palace as if you were actually walking
  • Imagine interacting with each object. Imagine you’re barefoot walking on the wood, and it creaks, and you turn on the light, etc etc
  • Don’t multi-task while doing any of this. No music, noise, etc.


How can i ellaborate details in my memory palace



Can u suggest some technique @LikeARollingStone



Can anyone help me in creating detailed images in my memory palace @Josh @MagicallyDelicious @Gaia


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I’m not sure what I can recommend beyond what has been mentioned above, along with a lot of practice. Have you tried all of the suggestions above?






Watch movies, cartoon or anime and read manga or comic books.

In these media abstract concepts are represented in a concrete way. You can make phantasmas out of a character based on:

  • Ability
  • Personality
  • Name
  • Background history
  • Apearance

For example, Rufus Lore from fairy tail says memorize everytime he memorizes something. Knowing this you can now use Rufus Lore for the word memorize or anything that has to do with memory. Or you might use Gray as phantasma for the word Freeze