How to improve visual memory


@fckgbrit @Sahil
That’s my secret, sorry. But you can try another technique called Image Streaming. It is also capable of increasing visualization, albeit to a lesser degree.


As a long term reader, I can vouch that reading fiction books and imagining in increasing detail all of the things depicted WILL give you the abilities you desire. Eventually, it will be effortless. You’ll get to the point that you’ll actually have to try to see the words instead of your brain automatically translating everything into an imagined environment.

Imagine even the things it doesn’t describe- light, shadow, smells, background noises, foreground noises, touch, emotions, sight, taste- EVERYTHING. Live in that imagined world. You will get the abilities you want.

It took me approximately 1 decade of nonstop reading to get this point. But it is SPLENDID. :star_struck:


Since you pinged me, I’ll give you one advice. Of our five senses, taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound, disregard taste, touch and smell. Focus on sight and to some extent sound.