How to filter forum discussions by language

There are sections of the forum for posts in non-English languages. If you want to filter non-English posts off the front page or get notified when a new topic is posted in a certain language, read this page.

First, here is a list of the language sections. (If you don’t see your language there and would like it to be added, send a message to @admins.)

How to be notified of non-English posts

If you want to be notified of each new post in a certain language category, go to your category preferences page and enter the name of the language category that you want to follow. The text below each box explains the types of notifications you can receive.

Forum tip: you can automatically track new topics by any category, user, or tag.

Here’s a screenshot:

How to remove non-English posts from the home page

If you don’t want to see non-English posts on the forum’s homepage, go to your category preferences page and enter the names of the languages you want to remove in the “Muted” box.

Here’s a screenshot:

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