How to create more memory palaces

Hello I have lite problem with create memorypalace. Have somene litte tips to me how I can do or think over how I can create more memorypalace with many places? Just now I only have two memory palace with 10-15 places so can anybody help me and give me more tips over how I will think?

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Here are some links that might help:

Also try browsing through some of these discussions:

Thanks but have you some tips or ideas?

Use Google Arts and Culture.

There’s like 3000 museums and you can look around (choose the ones that are houses, not the ones with objects. I find it extremely difficult to remember the latter. Also don’t choose the ones that are symmetrical, like having four windows that are the same on all walls).

Dumfries House Estates, Museu Imperial, Jozef Mehoffer House, Anne Frank House, are a good place to start.

So far I have around 1200 loci using these virtual museum.