How to create more memory palaces

Hello I have lite problem with create memorypalace. Have somene litte tips to me how I can do or think over how I can create more memorypalace with many places? Just now I only have two memory palace with 10-15 places so can anybody help me and give me more tips over how I will think?


Here are some links that might help:

Also try browsing through some of these discussions:


Thanks but have you some tips or ideas?

Use Google Arts and Culture.

There’s like 3000 museums and you can look around (choose the ones that are houses, not the ones with objects. I find it extremely difficult to remember the latter. Also don’t choose the ones that are symmetrical, like having four windows that are the same on all walls).

Dumfries House Estates, Museu Imperial, Jozef Mehoffer House, Anne Frank House, are a good place to start.

So far I have around 1200 loci using these virtual museum.


Consider this, post, at least reach my reply:

What do you mean there I not really understand

There are real memory palaces: a mental replica of places you’ve been to or places you’ve seen, there are fantastic or “imaginary” memory palaces: a place you create spot by spot, and there are mixed memory palaces (the best for me): an fantastic place with mental replicas or a mental replica with fantastic alterations.

Now the tips:

  • Remember the method of loci: a place of your choice, where then you select spots, arrange or not in journey and then you make an mnemonic image for what you want to memorize interacting or not with spot select for each mnemonic image.
  • Don’t focus on seeing all the details of the palace, but have a distinction for each.
  • It’s your imagination, the rules of reality don’t apply there.
  • Best memory palace are combination of a real place and a fantastic one. Can you imagine a levitating house?
  • You can create a bigger palace by expanding your house memory palace, this a call: portals. Select spots and those will be doors to imaginative places.
  • You can use your house or any place as a model for an imaginary place. Example: when I first learned the method of loci, i read a book about it and the example was for memorizing a list of facts and I started picturing a place as I was imagining what the book was telling me to, when I finish I realized that the room I picture was similar and many ways and distinct in others to my living room. Now, consciously I create places like that sometimes very fast, sometimes I get stuck.
  • When creating an imaginary place, you may get stuck if: you want to twist everything and design everything, you want to create something you have never seen (that’s not possible, is it?), you’re tired.
  • Use a memory palace to memorize your memory palaces, maybe you use a room in your house and they become portals to each. Though you coud also imagine a world, city, landscape and place them there.
  • When memorizing forever: it’s better to make your image interact with your spot or locus.
  • When you want to forget imagine your place empty.

More on palaces and imagination:

Alex Mullen has some great tips here I’d recommend watching all of his “step up” series, they helped me a lot


Yeah, there are pretty good. Other names that you maybe:

Ron White Memory Expert (on YT),
Nelson Dellis (also on YT, he’s one of the founders of this site),
Dominic O’Brain (many videos on YT, the guy of the Dominic System),
Anthony Metivier (also on YT, you may even find him often here)
AE Mind Academy by Luis Angel