How should I be memorizing my PAO system?

I’m just getting started with using mind palaces and I was going to memorize a PAO system but I’m confused about something. I’ve looked everywhere and I haven’t found an answer yet, but basically should I be memorizing the PAO in a mind palace or by sheer repetition to make it automatic. I’m just thinking that if I have to reference one mind palace to know what I need to put into another it would be much slower. Maybe I’m missing a method that other people used entirely. If you have any suggestions they would be appreciated. Thanks!



I put my PAO in a memory palace with 100 locations as a backup. So if I ever forgot an image, I could refer back to that palace. But it’s not necessary once you know your images well.


Some people use memory journeys to learn their systems, but you can also do it without a memory journey.

If you go to the memory training tools page, there are some scripts at the bottom that can help.

This one is for 2-digit systems: Random Decimal Numbers 00-99

You can print a few pages of those (reloading each time to get different numbers). Then carry them around in your pocket and read through them, marking off the ones you don’t know. Then look them up. Repeat throughout the day.

Here is sample output – it prints each 2-digit number only once in each group, so you can be sure that you’re practicing every image:

85 77 22 55 43 10 06 94 11 21 97 86 82 98 87 99 60 37 27 50 96 45 13 73 56 30 72 36 68 54 62 89 38 20 64 42 95 02 23 18 39 78 07 32 34 51 28 67 70 35 71 92 09 93 63 52 16 17 69 58 44 33 79 41 74 03 26 05 12 88 04 84 31 48 90 59 46 53 80 29 25 91 75 14 65 66 15 08 00 19 24 49 57 76 01 47 61 40 81 83

Once you have all the images memorized you can practice on Memory League, which should help with speed.


I would always put all information I want to learn into a mind palace, especially for a PAO. Others here like other methods but personally I think it’s the most effective.

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I use “Memory Palace” to encode PAO into my memory. But I also use Spaced Repetition technique just to review them time to time…

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I had the same problem a few weeks ago, I didn’t know how to remember all my PAO system. I did what SilvioB suggested, I just put my entire PAO System in a new memory palace and that was it. Very easy


It takes some time to find out what structures and what kinds of images work best for you. I would experiment with smaller projects to get a feel of what you are working with.

Repetition is crucial but what one does during repetitions is crucial too. Try to engage with the material and strengthen the image, perhaps by adding other qualities in addition to visual elements.

I don’t have a clear distinction between memory palaces and journeys. My journeys hold memory palaces. My memory palaces may hold the starts of several journeys. Over time, depending on how I access it, the sequential aspect may dominate or it may fade leaving me with a set of know locations I can just jump to. Maybe that’s just natural for me or maybe it’s a habit I developed from software design.

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