How Obesity Makes Memory Go Bad

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Obesity plagues developed nations, and among the numerous negative health outcomes associated with obesity is a memory impairment that is seen in middle-aged and older obese people. The cause of this decline? Experiments with obese rodents have given a clue: altered gene expression in the hippocampus area of the brain. Until now, the reasons gene expression was changed, as well as the mechanism by which obesity leads to pathogenic memory impairment, have not been known.
*lot of PhDs*, write that these data "provide the first evidence that high-fat-diet-induced obesity leads to the time-dependent development of aberrant epigenetic modifications within the hippocampus, as well as corresponding reduction in the expression of various memory-related genes."
Perhaps they'll first find the cure for those genes, before curing the obesity itself :D Bet people wouldn't be as happy with that.

Interesting… I wonder how much fat in a diet is ideal for good memory. (e.g., eggs, cheese, meat, oil)

The brain needs fats, so what is the correct amount? (assuming that one only eats healthy fats)

Ahhh…I knew there was a reason my speed is so slow!

Dunno. Here is another article:

Later, when placed in the box, rats that ate high-fat foods for 12 weeks appeared confused and had difficulty remembering the novel location of the object. Similar severe memory impairments also were seen using a different spatial memory task.

After 12 months, physiological impairments in the hippocampus worsened, but the behavioral impairments—cognitive measures of learning and memory—went away.

But it fails to mention what kinds of fats were fed to the rats. With a quick search I couldn’t find ANY articles that would determine the effects of “healthy fats” induced obesity. Rather the internet is overwhelmed with publishings that have noticed olive oil/omega fats/seeds/… -> healthy effect ‘X’ .

But to take bottles of olive oil, feed it to rats until they are enormous, and compare the healthyness of those rats with another group who have gone fat due to eating transfats…don’t think it’s been done. Stupidity. It would settle it for once and all, because it would eliminate “calorie intake” factor, and whether the bad effects are due to “obesity” in general, or X-induced obesity.

What I could deduce from all of this is that don’t get obese, and to do so probably the “healthy fats” are favourable (I may be biased, because I know some people who have gone solely on eggs, oils and such stuff, and lost a lot of weight).

Strange… I was eating eggs, because I thought my brain needed fats. :confused:

There’s a lot of research now about the benefits (including mental benefits) of a ketogenic diet (high-fat, burning fat instead of carbs). One of the main points of becoming ketogenic is that your brain has constant fuel because it’s using ketones derived from stored fat, rather than glucose - which becomes depleted pretty quickly if you don’t replenish it by eating more. Basically, with a ketogenic diet you have steady blood sugar and insulin levels. When you fast you go into ketosis, it’s very similar.

Of course, that’s not saying anything about the effects of obesity. Keto diets generally lead to healthy body weight. I’m just mentioning this to point out that the high-fat diet may not be as much of a factor as the obesity. Idk, I’m not a doctor.

Anyone that’s interested can look it up… lots of podcasts and YouTube videos. Some names to look for: Jeff Vogel, Gary Taubes, Dom D’Agostino, Peter Attia.

Is that like the Paleo and Atkins diets? I’ve looked into it, but it didn’t seem very healthy to me. I don’t know though… :slight_smile:

This is interesting:

My food diary contents are so rare that I’ve given up giving dietary advice basing on my own experiments. I now only cite scientific experiments and people’s own reports if they are reported to be widely-reported (e.g. Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance).

As a result, if you want to eat what your body “evolved to eat” you need to eat something different depending on who your recent ancestors were.
Now, considering this thought, I can't even cite some scientific experiments, because the study group was of course from the same region. (Assuming the "evolutional gut" theory has some truth in it).