How microbiomes affects fear

“New studies help to explain how microbes in the gut can shape a host’s fear responses.”

" Our brains may seem physically far removed from our guts, but in recent years, research has strongly suggested that the vast communities of microbes concentrated in our digestive tract open lines of communication between the two. The intestinal microbiome has been shown to influence cognition and emotion, affecting moods and the state of psychiatric disorders, and even information processing. But how it could do so has been elusive."

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I am autistic, and I have read that autism is linked to gastrointestinal disease due to the gut microbiome affecting both conditions. I have also read that autistic people have higher levels of stress hormones naturally, which increases their risk of gut disease.


Another interesting link is autoimmune disease.

The point is, if something is linked to a certain condition, then by altering that thing, could you reduce or control the nature of that condition.

That article is behind a paywall, but I’ve read about the link between the gut and autism before. That would explain why autistic people have a higher risk of having gastrointestinal diseases.