How do you title a journey to reuse the journey path?

I have just started using the memory journey technique and it was working great. However i have run into a problem, I was using the journey method from my house and then tried to reuse it again later in the day. I found that i could remember 23456789 and 10 of the items i wanted, i just couldn’t rmeember the first item for the life of me. I gave it a few days and still cannot do the journey or get it started without giving myself the first item on paper. Any tips on titling my journey’s?

The reason why i want to reuse it is because i have such strong connections with this place and also want to store for long term. For example if i learn a concept or list of important terms for school, then i don’t want to just recycle or throw away the information and start over. I want to keep these memories for years and be able to reuse the journey.

Any help would be appreciated, my guess would be to focus on it for a few days and not touch the palace for 2 or 3 days, but i don’t know as i am new to this but i know what i want to accomplish.

Some people might reuse journeys, but I’ve found it confusing to do that. If you want to remember things for the long term it might be worth experimenting with using a different journey for each thing that you’re remembering.

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I want some clarification. Are you using the same spot in your memory palace to remember something? If it’s gonna get reused, then it has to stay clear. The only exception I have found is my pao(person only) system. But even then they usually interact with whatever I’m putting in the spot. Like I can’t put an item next to my coffee pot which is Hulk Holgan without Hulk Holgan doing something to that item, It works, but that item will be gone as soon as I start putting more items there.

Things I want to remember forever I use a different memory palace.

I too have the same issue. I have multiple memory journeys created for different topics of my college subjects. Each subject has several topics and sub topics. I have created different journeys for each topic and sub topic. I can remember and recall the journey perfectly without any issues. But I have lot of difficulty (takes lot of time) in identifying which journey is for which topic/subtopic.

Any aid or advice in this matter would be very helpful for me. I have my exams on 27th of this month.


Since these are already established journeys, I’d suggest adding a facade or a giant sign to the palace/buildings you’re using that will help to identify the subjects contained inside. Since I don’t know what you’re memorizing, these examples might not help, but:

If you’re storing chemistry information in a building, maybe there are lots of smelly, bubbling test tubes and beakers in the lawn or on the porch in front. Maybe one of them explodes (to give some more action to the scene). Or maybe you have to look through a giant microscope to see your memory palace. (For astronomy, make it a telescope. Or maybe an asteroid comes screaming down from the sky and strikes the front of the building.) For history, maybe there’s a historical timeline surrounding the building like a fence. For French vocabulary, you could picture the palace sitting on top of a giant croissant…

I’ve never (so far!) had an issue remembering the first item in a palace. But I will say that all of my palaces start with something happening outside the palace—in the yard outside or right at the front door.

A memorable action might be key. For my list of the Best Picture winners, a plane crashed in the driveway beside the house (for “Wings,” 1927-28). For the US States (in chronological order), my childhood babysitter, Della (for Delaware), is standing on her front porch when a swarm of Japanese bombers start attacking (for December 7, the day of the Pearl Harbor attack).


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This is exactly what I was looking for. I guess, even if I have thousands of journeys and as long as I am keeping a important key image/scene at the beginning of the journey, my job is done.

Thanks a million brother.


Thank you this is exactly what i wanted to know. It is much appreciated and has made a big breakthrough for my future progress