How do you take notes?

How do you all take your notes? Is it through bullet points (maybe copying the lecture slides), drawing diagrams, or some other creative method? On top of that, do y’all prefer handwritten notes or typed up ones? I’d love to learn more!


I prefer paper notes (like these), but I’m often at my computer, so I most of my notes end up on my laptop.

I have a lot of notes in Org Mode format, but I’m trying to move them to Markdown files.

I like my computer notes to be in plain text so that the content is easy to manipulate with scripts — the notes can be versioned in Git, and standard text processing tools work on them: ripgrep, cat, sed, regular expressions, vim macros, etc. The text can be converted to PDF, LibreOffice/Word, or other formats with pandoc.

There’s also a poll over here with some comments: How do you like to take notes? [POLL]

I just saw another thread that discusses another notetaking method that looks interesting: Zettelkasten + Memory techniques?

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I like to use a combination of Zettelkasten and Anki.

Anything that’s noteworthy goes on a Anki card (paraphrased). Then, when I go through my cards, I interlink them with each other (using a couple of plugins).

A great, but overlooked feature of Anki is the card browser. There you can sort, browse through, edit, etc. all your cards.

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I usually use keywords!
Something like: (Trashes, Warmness, Sleepy, etc.)
You know, when you use keywords, you increase the amount of your engagement with notes, and it helps your memory to stay reliable.