How do you organize your memory palaces?


Hi all,
I’m curious about the organization of your memory palaces. To be specific, whether you use different palaces for different topics, or just store pieces of information randomly. I need this for personal reasons: up to now I’ve used different palaces for different topics, e.g. one palace per school subject, but it gets tremendously slow and inconvenient when you have to memorize something you still don’t have a palace for. The alternative would be placing data around the house without any particular order - provided that the pieces of information are not in sequence - and I’d like to know if someone more experienced does that or there are big downsides to it.


I might assign individual rooms in that case instead of entire palaces. That way, I can somewhat keep a sense of categorization. What I said was intended for unplanned or various subjects not worth devoting an entire palace to. The biggest downside to your alternative is lack of organization AND context. The biggest downside to my suggestion is that I don’t know how many rooms you would need.


What I prefer is having one palace for memorizing in the moment, and later on I just transfer that data to an organized place in my long term palace. I go even deeper than having rooms as categories, i use objects. So if I would like to memorize a couple of facts about say, chemistry, I would place these on the stove (in pre-selected loci). But as I said, I don’t do this as the first step; then I use the “short term palace” previously mentioned. After storing the information in the short term palace, you can choose whether or not the information is worth saving.

Hope this helps a bit :slight_smile:

(Lynne Kelly) #4

Is there some reason you don’t want to use the same palace for more than one subject? I use one palace (my main one) for two topics and for temporary use. I found more than three got a hassle, but three was no trouble. I also find links between the unrelated topics happens, but that can be good. It is not confusing when I want to withdraw information. I find three topics is fine but maybe four is too many. I haven’t experimented enough yet.

I now have other palaces established and intend to add more topics to them. I feel that the effort of establishing good palaces justifies more than one use.

I use town blocks around home. So each house is a location. That works really well when walking the dog or to the shops. I have a few of these set up and know them so well I intend to add a lot more to them.

Or have I misunderstood?