How do you keep track of all your palaces?



How do you guys like to keep track of all the palaces/journeys you’ve created? Does anyone prefer writing down a physical list? Or making a memory palace of memory palaces? Like having a memory palace solely dedicated to listing all the memory palaces/journeys accumulated?


I have made sure that I have quite long journeys instead so I don’t really require any mnemonic to keep track of them. I guess you might need to keep track of your journeys if you have many though. In that case I would probably recommend a short journey where you put the start of every other journey as an image.


Thanks. I guess I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve accumulated a lot of random journeys with a varying amount of loci.
Would you mind telling me how many loci are in your long journeys?


I separate my journeys into the lengths of each journey. I write them down in a list like 26 stage, 15 stages, and 13 stages journeys. I try to rotate through all the journeys so I know I have them all and know how many of each type of journey I have. By the last journey in a category I am like this should be the 23rd journey and thats all of my journeys in this category.


That sounds like a great organizational method. I hadn’t thought of sorting them by number of stages. When do you go over your journeys and how often?

Also side question: Are you currently practicing parkour?


Thanks. Yeah it makes it very easy to choice what journey you need for what information you are going to memorize.I practicing memorizing a lot so I go over my journeys pretty quickly. I try to recall them all about once a week because I always want to have the journeys fresh just in case I need to memorize something. Maybe noe day, I go over 26 stage journeys and the next day i would go over 15 stage journeys.

Yeah, I am trying to get better at parkour. Are you doing parkour?


You’re right, that is really convenient when you want to recall.

Yeah, I’m currently working on my cats and trying to get my wallrun down. My climb up really sucks but I’m getting there (…eventually) xD


Yup, don’t want to waste time trying to find a journey.

Oh Wall runs are something. You have to hit the wall right or it doesn’t feel right. Practice is the key to parkour. When I do climb ups, I usually muscle through it but I learned to swing my back leg back to get momentum and carry me up.


Yeah. I don’t have enough upper body strength to really muscle it. I find that it’s so much easier going from a staggered position and doing as you said with the back leg. Unfortunately, I still need a lot of practice. But it’s fun.


After seeing this post I realised I didn’t have a good way of remembering all the different lists I have. Something to be rectified!
I would like to do it without writing them down.

The best way I can think of doing it will be to contain my lists or palaces within a house, with each of the different rooms being different catagories, placing the specific journey lists in the appropriate locations within the room.

How do others do this?


Well since this post, I decided to make one memory palace to rule them all. Like the one ring. I’m sorry. That was a bad joke.
But anyways I didn’t categorize them like you said, though that sounds like a brilliant idea. I just put all my current memory palaces into a list in random order and memorized them all using a memory palace. I find that this works for me because I am familiar with my palaces so I don’t need a reminder of how many loci are in each etc.
Though this makes me think that it’s probably a much better idea to categorize them, especially when one reaches the point of having …hundreds…? of memory palaces.


Edit: How many journeys do you guys have?? I just have 2 with 100 loci, 2 with 40 loci, 1 with 50 loci and 1 with 26 loci, and never feel the need for any more, even if memorizing a hundred or more decks in a day. But you are saying you have journeys with stages filled with loci within these journeys, and so many of this type of palace that they are organized by categories of how many stages are in each? Does that mean there are thousands of loci total?


I use alphabetized Excel files. It works gangbusters.

The beauty is that I can write out my memorized material away from these written records and then compare them later without making the mistake of rote learning by glancing back and forth.

Sometimes I like to have floorplans drawn out in addition to Excel files, but usually a top-down, linear record keeping system is the best for me.

It may be a bit of wishy-washy psychobabble theory, but I also think that keeping a record helps the unconscious mind overcome the fear of losing things.


I do both, I will write out my journeys in a notebook then take a picture with my phone and send it to my Evernote. This way I have a hard copy as well as a digital copy but these are mainly just for double checking in case I am not sure of something when I first learn them. I also keep a master palace in which I store them. For some reason I like to use journeys for memorizing and palaces for storing the journeys. I am not really sure why.

Hi Metivier, I had to take a double look at the name because I thought your method sounded familiar. I have seen your video on YouTube about using excel files.


Taking photos is a cool idea, and video walkthroughs could help some people.

As a kind of addition to this topic, one thing that I’ve found very useful is hotel rooms. I don’t suppose I’ll ever forget different trips I’ve made, and so it’s easy to use the hotels in Andalusia I’ve stayed in. The trip itself creates an unforgettable journey that links these incredibly useful min-Memory Palaces together.


At the moment I only have 1 long journey, with 200.
I have it listed in an excel file, which I try to recall forwards and backwards when I am bored.

Was reading and I had a thought, would it be better to ?
have 1 long palace
or multiple short ones



A lot depends on the nature of the information you’re trying to memorize. I personally find it best to have dozens of Memory Palaces on hand with a varying number of stations within them. If I need to quickly memorize the names of 15-20 students, then I have a place ready to go for that (many people wouldn’t use a Memory Palace for this, but I find that an actual location in combination with the standard methods makes it triply powerful for reasons I have expanded on at length in other places).

On the other hand, if I want to memorize dozens of pieces of information, then obviously that Memory Palace needs to have the appropriate number of stations.

Although I have an arsenal on hand, when I start out on a memorization project, I typically custom build a Memory Palace based on a familiar location. For example, when I started reading Thomas Mann’s Doktor Faustus in the original German, I knew there would be hundreds of words I wanted to memorize because of the sophisticated way that he wrote in his particular era. Thus, I created a series of Faust Memory Palaces based on familiar locations, one per chapter.

Again, it depends on your purposes, but I would say that one is a number to be avoided when it comes to this wonderful technique.


Yes I make a list, or you can draw up a blue print. There a number of apps you can by for you iphone such as roomplanner or House Design? They both cost around 4-5 dollars but you can down load the free versions and toy with them. I make my palace save it as a PDF file and print it and toy with it. You have to have a perfect understand of where things are before you just start throwing things in you palace carelessly. So lets say I want to use my school for example well get a blue print of it. Memory palaces are great but if you dont know the layout then you’ll be lost. The whole point is if I tell you to close your eyes and go to the bathroom you could do it or go to the fridge or turn on the light. So master the palace then master the rooms then the furniture within the palace only then can you start to add things to the palace. Your palace is your foundation knowing the layout is everything. Another great way is using an xcel spreed sheet. Palace one is this name and hold these rooms furniture. I dont have palaces I have worlds well both actually and my chill spot is on the moon in my little space ship. When its academics I go to the academic world from there I have palaces that represent different subjects. Your more likey to remember places if you let them come naturally to you don’t force them. Personally I am thinking of making a binder for all my palace. Might just right them bullet points quick references or draw them out.Trying to store info in unfamiliar places is like relying on a GPS that is outdated and that takes you to a dead end road. Sorry I ramble I have ADD.


If you are using memory palaces to study for school, I would always have 10 loci per room and they are always arranged the same way. you can use a place which has natural organization, the Graceland website for example, to have 60 loci.

my kid and I memorized the 44 presidents a few days ago and last night added to the same 5 rooms (of Graceland) the 1st 44 elements of the periodic table. easy peasy.


I have all my journeys on 3X5 cards, one holed punched and on a ring. In a week or so I don’t have to look at them anymore, but I have them just in case. This was the only I could think to organize things for myself. Some are based on real places I know, some are artificial places. I always have at least one place ready for new information if I need it on the spot and can review later.