How do I have conceptual understanding of Biology and also memorize it?

Hello there, I am preparing for an exam. I have over a year to attend the examination, but i have to many things. I want to get better at memorizing biology etc. I have over 100 pages of knowledge to memorize. So how would you approach to this kind of situation. Which method should i use?


Hi @virtoix,
If you are new to memorizing, then check out the Resources page here;

As for preparing for your exam, 100 pages over 12 months are possible and should be enough time for you, but depends on what each page contains. So if each page contains a lot of info you need to memorise, then you have a lot of work to do.

Have a look at this link below which may give you some creative ideas to structure your plan.

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Thanks @Erol, i have listened to “Quantum Memory Power” by Dominic, now I am working on putting number system and card system into my mind, I heard the mind mapping technique and absolutely try that out. I also would like to ask I am little bit low on number of images(i have academy, school. I only use whole room for only one thing, with mind mapping technique would number of images i need will be less?

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Mind mapping is good to organize your thoughts and the information you want to memorize. You still need a Memory Palace to store the information.

Expand your memory palace by using “Mini Palaces”.
If you are short of palaces, and want to extend your existing palace, then you can use “Mini Palaces” within your memory palaces.
This should help you memorize each subject and other details that belong to that subject in which you can store with your mini place.

What do I mean by a “Mini Palace”?
Let’s say you have a memory palace as your school classroom.

Let’s assume that you have chosen 10 spots/locations within that classroom. Each spot or location can then be a Mini Palace by using the existing items at each spot or location.

Let’s say the item at your first location was a “Table” in your classroom. You use that Table as a mini palace by choosing 5 spots or locations on that table as a 5 stop mini palace.

What I do is to use;
Left top | Right top | Left bottom | Right bottom | Middle.

So you would have 5 spots on your mini palace > “Table”, and you can then connect the information by way of linking it to each location on that table.

Your next spot or location in your classroom may have a “Map” on the wall. Again you’d choose 5 spots on that map, left top, right top, left bottom, right bottom, and Middle. And again link your information to each spot on that map. And so on with your other mini palaces.

By using the items in your classroom, you can convert each of them into a 5 location Mini Palace. Using your mini palaces, you can convert 10 location palace into 50 locations in a single Memory Palace.

Storing the information.
You can simply pair link your information/list and place it on the left top of the table.
Another way is to Chain Link the information and place it on the left top of your table. And so on with your other data/information. That way you can memorize huge amount of information. So what this means is that you can keep expanding your memory palace which is your classroom.

You can perhaps use other areas at your school, such as Hallway, Teacher’s room, Playground, etc.

If you use 10 locations in each room, each with “10 items or Mini Palaces with 5 locations” , you’d have 50 x the amount of rooms. This can give you a lot of locations to work with and will help you to memorise your subjects.


@Erol Thank you so much, i had an exam today and I used the mini-palace system for a room from 5 different angles. At total i was able to memorize over +10 agreement with contracting parties and results of those. I also used mind mapping. Not a good one but the first one i have done.


How you dont confuse between the info placed at left and right of the table top for example?

Because you would have a different scene at each locus.


If we chose arbitrary location on each locus.
Is it still a mini palace.

Like - In my :house: memory palace.

5th location is plant. (In linear way)
Mini location

  1. Root
  2. Stem
  3. Leaf
  4. Flower
  5. Fruit

Other example - door (bottom-top-left-right)

  1. Bottom (doorstep / doormat)
  2. Top (door frame)
  3. Left ( door latch)
  4. Left ( door handle)
  5. Right (hinges)

18th location is Television. (different parts included)

  1. Power buttons (other buttons too)
  2. Screen
  3. Set-up box / gaming
  4. Plug
  5. Remote (set-up box/ gaming)
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Yes, Mind mapping is also good way to memorize things but sketching the thing in right manner and in a way which is very interesting to you is the best one to memorize the things and most importantly think like you are observing all these with your own. I was also facing same issue but by practicing like this makes me so strong memory. I hope it will help you a lot.

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