How do I create mnemonic images for abstract words?

Hi, I always had a problem memorizing words that mean nothing such as “Activity”, “Process”, “Change”. They mean nothing yet they are used inifnite times.
What are good mnemonics for these types of words? Is there any site or app that could help memorizing general words?


Are you trying to memorize something specific?

Creating images gets easier with practice. Here are some possible images for those words:


The word also means coins, so you could picture some spare change. Or any song that has “change” in the title.



If you’re a programmer, you could picture something related to computer processes.

Or maybe some kind of processing plant.

“Pro” can mean “professional” and “cess” could be expanded to “cesspool” – maybe a professional (person) in a cesspool.


“Act” could be converted to “actor” and “tivity” could be linked to nativity. “Actor-nativity” – an actor performing at a nativity scene.

For more ideas, see the how to create mnemonic images wiki page.


…or a “professional chess player” by adding an “h” to process.

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Fair point… are you trying to find a mnemonic for English “process” or Spanish “proceso” though? You could put a heavy Spanish accent on the English “yes” and "pronounce it “jes”… gets you “pro-jes”, but maybe then pronounce the “jes” as in “Jesus”… not exactly there but closer than ajedrez.

As a prefix “pro” basically has the meaning of approving or supporting what follows… so it’s a double yes then… which is kind of what a process is: done, yes, next, done, yes, next…



The suffix -ism sometimes refers to beliefs (Buddism, communism, socialism, etc.). You could imagine that “mechan-ism” (“machine” + “ism”) is a religion for machines (after they develop AI).


Maybe a sewage treatment plant?

Or medical treatment of some kind.

Or menthol candies for Halloween (kids saying “trick or treat” and complaining about getting “menthol” candies).