How can I memorize these lists? Am I supposed to use a single memory palace or create a new one?

Hello, everyone!
I’m still a bit new to using memory palaces.

I’m trying to memorize the following lists:

I was trying to use a similar approach mentioned here Many(and I mean it) useful tips you need to learn massive vocabulary with Mnemonics

I’m creating a memory palace specific for each of the following letters ab, ac, ad, and so on.

My questions are:

  • Can I use the same “ab” palace containing both English and computer vocabulary or is it better to separate them?
  • Can you please give me a little example of how am I supposed to memorize the following? What is a Java Abstract Class? - Definition from Techopedia. Am I supposed to create two different memory palaces? One for the definition and one for all of that information?

Thank you sooo much!!!