Honorary Memory Challenge and Honorary Mental Math Challenge

Would you like some fun pretext to practice and develop your skills? There’s an online “Honorary Memory Challenge” and an online “Honorary Mental Math Challenge” that anyone anywhere is welcome to try. Both are completely free.

You have until March 15 for the mental math challenge and until March 31 for the memory challenge.

Both challenges are meant to be simultaneously infinitely difficult for any expert as well as accessible enough for most newcomers. We’ve tried to make it easy for you to participate even if you’re stuck in Antarctica and/or you’re dealing with a busy schedule.

All details on canadianmindsports.com

Just to be clear, although we have the word “Canadian” in our name, we’re more than happy to welcome the participation of anyone in the Universe.


Ще участваме с огромно удоволствие във всички дисциплини!


I took part in the previous Challenge and can confirm that it’s great fun. I plan to take part in this one, too. Some (though not all) of the disciplines are very different to those on ML - but, for me, that’s their attraction.

Thanks, Francis, for all your hard work in putting this together. I hope you get a good response.

All the best,



@FrancisBlondin I am 13 years old will I be in the kids division if I participate?

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is there a plugin for the forum so that we can have a See translation / See original button? Bulgarian isn’t even close to my Top 10 languages to know…

26101 said "Ще участваме с огромно удоволствие във всички дисциплини! " which means “We will participate with great pleasure in all disciplines!”

26101 said "Ще участваме с огромно удоволствие във всички дисциплини! " which means “We will participate with great pleasure in all disciplines!”


I know how Google Translate works, but that wasn’t my point. You can find the button I’m talking about under every Facebook post where the language doesn’t match the language you got in your setting…

Oh then I don’t know. Do you know if 13 is in the kids category though?

I have the feature request on the list, but it might take while to get to it. Google charges for their API use now, and to do something more than adding a button that does what a browser extension does might be a little tricky. In the meantime, if you install one of these extensions, you can highlight text and right-click to translate it:

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Доколкото прочетох няма категории “деца” .Има начинаещи ,средно ниво и напреднали.

Thank you everyone for your interest and comments. There’s a Kid, Junior and Senior section for memory. For mental math so far “Mathmaster” is the only kid who has expressed an interest in participating. We’ll be happy to note your age along with your results. If other kids participate, we’ll highlight who among them managed to get the best results.

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Hello @FrancisBlondin I am interested in Memory not mental math is there a kids division for that. If so am in that division or junior?

All right! And yes, Junior section is for people 14 to 17 years old. Kid section is for people 13 years old or younger.

I might try mental math, do they have mental multiplication and calander dates?

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Yes and yes ( :

I’m going to jump in and try Mental Maths, too. Should be fun! :slight_smile:


I’ve just taken part in the Maths Challenge and sent off my results. Great fun, though I now need a cup of tea to recover! :slight_smile:

How anyone gets beyond the first three lines let alone through to page 5 amazes me!

I enjoy maths calculations, though rarely try to get through them so quickly.

I found it more exhausting than the memory work! :slight_smile:

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Вече изпратихме всичко.Казва се Калоян Гешев на 10 год.,от България.Участва в група за напреднали.Постигна отлични,според мен резултати.Очакваме класирането официално .
Благодарим за възможността да участваме,макар и в такъв формат(дистанционно)


Thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated!
Full results of the mental math challenge are now posted here: Honorary Memory and Math Challenges – The Results – Canadian Mind Sports Association

Results of the memory challenge will be posted a few days after the March 31st deadline.

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