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Hi everyone!
What is the efficient way to memorize historical dates long term storage?
I’m confused, should I put the dates in one building or should I link these dates with my lessons?
I have chosen the Australian war memorial like a memory palace.However,I don’t really know how to decomposite it into rooms because of its largeness.
What to do you think?


Are you familiar with the memory palace method?

Do you know GMMPS?

Emotions, action and vivid images are key.


I’m not familiar with the War Memorial, but I think you might be best served by a true journey and not a single building, unless there are enough distinctive rooms in the memorial to be effective. (If they’re all just big rooms shaped the same, it may be challenging to remember what is stored where.)

I think it will help you prepare an appropriate memory palace/journey if you know what span of time you’ll be covering and just how much space you may need.

I’d encourage you to check out some of the many substantive posts from Dr. Lynne Kelly, who has created a very detailed historical memory journey for herself. (She also has a new book coming our next month that details her approaches.)


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