Historically Method of Loci Banned? Any sources? Giordano Bruno Experts?

Thanks to anyone with a good memory or access to sources:

I am tryign to see whether there is any truth in the story that MoL had been banned…

Derren Brown in one of his books mentions that historically MoL was banned by ‘Puritans’. And I think my memory is playing a trick on me - I seem to remember that in a book I read last year about Giordano Bruno The Tower by Allessandro Gallenzithere was reference to MoL being banned by the Church
I have done a Google search but can’t find anything definitive.

Thanks in advance to anyone who could help. Need it for a reason.

I read quite a lot about this in ‘Art of Memory’ by Shakespeare scholar Frances Yates; you’d have to grab a copy yourself to check her sources. She has another book which goes over similar material called ‘Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition’.

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I have a copy of the book that you’re referring to (Tricks of the Mind), and here’s a passage on the book concerning the ‘Puritans’.
There’s no mention of the Catholic Church banning MoL, but they may have at one point. Mnemonics was a dangerous thing back in the medieval world. It was seen as magical (read heretical) and many people thought that use of the imagination caused one to think of sinful thoughts. This hysteria was soo bad that many mnemonics practitioners had to constantly justify using mnemonics (Aquinas & Peter of Ravenna).


Thanks so much for that info. Much appreciated. K

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Thanks for that - I already did a wee search through Yates stuff but it was pretty crude looking for “ban” - but I think you might be right - I’ll have a better look.

So is the reason why MoL is no longer taught in schools date back to the event in 1584? Knowledge of it’s use just became lost because of this or are there other reasons why it’s no longer taught?