Hey post here your best times for numbers in ML

50 random numbers in 14 seconds!


80 radnom numbers in 29 seconds!


Tell me the numbers learning technique

Perhaps you can use Google Translate to explain. Is that possible?
It’s amazing to see your scores knowing that you have Aphantasia.
These are serious scores, a lot of people with no aphantasia is no match to you.
So we might learn something new from you if you explain what is going on inside your mind with Aphantasia, the method you use, and how you recall.

If you are using the method of loci, how do you then imagine the loci?
and how do you know what’s on the loci?
how do you record the event that happens at the loci?
what do you do when recalling? how do you see it in your mind? or do you see it in mind?
Are you able to write a Walk-Through?

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Guess I’m able to hit 80 already considering that try i spent 6-7 seconds pronouncing loudly last 6 numbers being unaware of time left (covered right corner of the screen to not see a timer and to stay chill in the end :grin:)


… on one hand it is nice to know that this is possible
… on the other hand it does make feel a bit like throwing rocks at your heads…

Still working on level 4 in ML. Practicing major system most days. 80 in 30 seconds seems infinitely far away from here


50 random numbers in 12 seconds!


Oh-oh, you better don’t tell @RobertFontaine :wink:

Just kidding… nice score!


What can I say HA HA~
It really torches me…

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