Here is my (nearly) finished PA list


Hi All,
Thought I’d post my progress so far if it can help others. Also, you’ll notice a few missing numbers— any ideas are MUCH appreciated!

I’m doing a Dominic system from 00-99 where the person’s name is based on the Major system. So, 72 is CoNan the barbarian swinging a giant sword.

Any that have the last name hidden are personal friends/family that you wouldn’t understand anyway.

Number DM Person Action
00 SuZanne somers squeezing thighmaster
01 SaTan thrusting a pitchfork
02 SaNta claus carrying a bag full of gifts over his shoulder
03 SaM adams raising a pint of beer
04 ZoRo making the z with a sword
05 SaLvadore dali holding a melting clock
06 SuSHi chef eating sushi with chopsticks
07 *James Bond turning with a gun
08 SaVion glover tap dancing
09 SPiderman shooting a web from his wrist
10 *Bo Derek coming out of water in a Bikini
11 ToDd ----- shooting a hole in the floor
12 ToNy ----- putting on size 20 shoe
13 ToM cruise jumping on a couch
14 TaRzan swinging from a vine
15 DoLLy parton showing her giant tits
16 ToSH standing in front of a green screen
17 TiGer woods swinging a golf club
18 Two Face flipping a coin
19 TaPout guy selling a tapout shirt
20 eiNStein writing on a chalkboard
21 NewT gingrich holding Calista’s head
22 NaNa knitting a purple scarf
23 *Michael Jordan dunking a basketball
24 NeRo playing a fiddle in the fire
25 NeaL armstrong bouncing on the moon
26 NuGe shooting an arrow from a guitar bow
27 aNGry bird shooting a bird with a slingshot
30 MiSter incredible lifting a car
31 MeDusa turning me to stone
32 MoNk touching a lamp
33 MoM gardening with a trowel
34 MoRk sitting upside down saying na-noo-na-noo
35 MiLes davis playing a trumpet
36 MaCHo man randy savage snapping a slim jim
37 MCgruff the crime dog holding an oversized magnifying lens
40 RoSs with his pet monkey on his shoulder
41 RiDdler in a green suit holding a big yellow question mark
42 RoNald mcdonald holding out a giant box of fries
43 RaMbo shooting a gigantic machine gun while yelling
44 RuRo (scooby doo) holding scooby snacks
46 RiChard simmons doing jumping jacks
47 RoCKy punching with r/w/b boxing gloves
49 Robinhood wearing green tights
50 LaSsie eating dog food
52 LaNce armstrong riding a bike
53 LuMpy showing his tongue piercing
54 LaRry flint photographing a naked lady
55 LL cool j rapping in a boxing robe / ring
56 LuGer laying down on a luge
57 LuKe skywalker swinging a lightsaber (zhooob)
59 LiBerace playing a bejeweled white piano
60 JeSus hanging on a cross
61 SHaTner taking a SHiT
62 GeNe simmons sticking out tongue
63 JiMmy hendrix playing a guitar (backwards or with teeth)
64 GeoRge jetson riding in a commuter spaceship
66 JuDGe judy swinging her gavel angrily
68 JeFf gordon driving a racecar
71 KiD rock throwing off his purple fedora
72 CoNan swinging a huge sword
73 *me swinging a kettlebell
74 KeRmit the frog catching a fly with his tongue
75 CooL hand luke eating 50 eggs
76 KeSHa drinking a bottle of jack
77 KiCK buttowski riding a skateboard
78 KeVin ---- scratching his head and looking at the ceiling
79 CaPtain america holding shield
80 FeZz holding a red fez at arms link
81 FaT albert being fat in a red shirt saying hay hay hay
82 FoNz holding up his thumb saying “aaaaaaa”
83 FaMily guy drinking a beer
84 FReddy krueger swiping with his dagger gloves
85 eViL knievel jumping on a motorcycle
88 *Flavo Flave wearing a clock
89 FaBio shaking his hair in the wind
90 BuZz lightyear shooting a laser from his wrist
91 PeyTon manning throwing a football
92 BoNo wearing orange shades
93 PaMela anderson running with a lifesaver
94 BaRack obama reading from a teleprompter
95 BLake ---- drinking gross tea in a glass (leaves in the bottom)
96 BuSH holding a mission accomplished sign
97 BuGs bunny eating a giant carrot
98 BuFfy holding a wooden stake
99 PoPeye sqeezing a can of spinach


For 11, Todd Bridges.
For 12, Tony Randall (or Tony the Tiger)

And 85 is Evel, not Evil. (These things matter. Well, no, they don’t really. But still …)


Hey Kbjeff

Nice list You have. Some tips from me:

69 - ? Look for Kamasutra or something man :slight_smile:
67 - JoKer (from Batman movie)
65 - J.LO (Jennifer Lopez)
58 - eLF (maybe Legolas from Lord of the rings?)
39 - eddie MurPhy

I don’t know if it helps…

Good luck Jeff.


Thanks Slaveoth… and, uh, how did 69 never occur to me!?


11 – Tito Ortize
12 – Tina Turner
28 – Nefertiti (Bust)
29 – Noob (Mortal Kombat)
38 – Maverick (Top Gun)
39 – Moby (Singer/Whale)
45 – Ralphy (Christmas Tale)
48 – Rafeal (TMNT)
51 – Lieutenant Dan (Forrest Gump)
58 – Lou Forigno (Bodybuilder)
65 – Julian (Wikilinks)
67 - Joker
69 – Chewbaca
70 – Cusack (John)
85 – Val (Kilmer) or The Fool
86 – Fugitive (Harrison Ford)
87 – Viking


Thanks, that helped a lot!