Here are some associations for people creating a personal Dominic Number system

Sometimes the initials do not come up with anyone memorable for you.
I found the names below in an online game ( ) but thought they might be useful to someone for the purpose of finding people associated with certain numbers.

Iconic Michael Jordan jersey number 23
Steely Dan song ‘Hey ’ 19
Number of Angry Men in Henry Fonda Movie 12
The ‘Club’ age at which many musicians die 27
Nickname of Dr. Remy Hadley on ‘House’ 13
Number of Steps in a Hitchock film 39
Number in name of ‘Fat Lip’ band. 41
Days a week the Beatles have love 8
‘Jump Street’ where Johnny Depp rose to fame 21
Hit song by Winger 17
Chambers in a Kung Fu film or Wu-Tang album 36
Number of Rings To Rule Them All 1
Number of plays Shakespeare is believed to have writen 37
Street on which there is a Miracle in a popular Christmas movie 34
Title of a Ryan Adams Album 29
Repeating Number in Barbara Walters news program 20
Days of Night in Vampire Graphic Novel and Movie 30
Considered by many to be a ‘hitter’s number’, jersey of Hank Aaron and Reggie Jackson 44
Follows UB in the name of a British Reggae group 40
Hours in Nick Nolte Film 48
Enigmatic number of the side of a Rolling Rock bottle 33
Traditionally, the year AD Jesus was crucified 32
Number of Dylan’s second Rainy Day Woman 35
Slaughterhouse number in a Vonnegut novel 5
The name of two movies released in 2009 9
Number of KFC Herbs and Spices 11
Time to 4 in Chicago song, if not 25 26
Southern Rock Band: '
__ Special’ 38
Days Later in 2002 film 28
Apollo number of They Might Be Giants album 18
RPM of a vinyl record single 45
Ways to Leave Your Lover according to Paul Simon 50
Agent’s number in the Video Game and Movie ‘Hitman’ 47
Number of Baskin-Robbins flavors 31
FOX show that ended its run in May of 2010 24
Amount of Tickets to Paradise Eddie Money has 2
Opening song on Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ ____ step 15
Ladder in John Travolta Movie 49
Length of Letterman’s Lists 10
British Film starring Tim Robbins ‘Code _____’ 46
Solitaire game similar to poker square 25
Popular Album Number for Led Zeppelin, Toto, and Blues Traveler 4
American TV rating one below MA 14
Film starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman 7
The Answer to Douglas Adams’ Great Question of Life Universe and Everything 42
Number in Joseph Heller’s most famous novel title 22
Number of Spanish liqueur, named for its number of ingredients 43
Degrees of Seperation 6
Number of Candles in a John Hughes movie 16
School House Rock called it ‘a magic number’ 3

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There’s also (supposedly) 57 varieties of Heinz Ketchup. The only other varieties I know about are the different colored ketchups they made around Y2K.

That’s so people can find the discussion about it on the way to the article. :slight_smile: