Help please! [medical student]

Hi… I’m a medical student, it’s my first topic in this forum (it’s sad that it’s to ask for help than to help others myself :frowning_face: )
I’m really desperate, i have one day till my exam and i forgot everything i’ve learned so far, like really forget them :sob: ,I’m an anxious person so maybe it affected my memory
Anyway, is there a magic trick, a brain hack or whatever that can save me…?
I already know about the memory methods (chain method, method of loci, the RGB system, the story method, Gavino’s massive memory system…), but i didn’t know how to apply them to my lessons, and now i don’t have time to do it
I have about a 100 pages to learn
Any idea of how to do it ?

Ps: sorry for my English I’m not a native a speaker


Hi Hillal,

For the future of your medical schooling and career:

When it comes to books, the first sentence of the paragraph tells you what the paragraph will be about…Please underline this and highlight Key words. Also, try to go online and find how each medical part “fits” into the other.


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Thank you very much Stefos, for the course and your advice, i’ll use it now.
I’m trying to visualise facts and see them as they are in my head like visualise the mechanism of diseases… and i will try to add your advice, it surely will help to organise everything in my head.
Thank you again :relaxed:

Hi Hillal,

The course is not free! However there are sales on Udemy and this course is about $13 USD.

Don’t forget to use highlighters in your books IF possible and IF you want to keep your books.

You’re welcome
Now go study man!

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Hi stefos,

Yeah i now about the course don’t worry, even if it’s not free there are free helpful previews so after my exams I’ll see them and have just an idea then maybe I’ll pursue the full course
And yes I’m using highlighters now and some post-it notes to keep the “fits” part for long term memory, not just for exam
Time to study :blush:

Ps: I’m a women :laughing:


Let me know how studying is going.


It’s going slowly :laughing: I feel like hours pass and I’m stuck in one fact trying to understand it at its fullest, however it helps to clarify the others so I think it’s the right way
And I still have some trouble recalling some points, but the main keys are normally in my head


Ok…at these problematic points, make a mnemonic.

Make sure and review the information with 24 to 48 hours to strengthen it.

The mnemonic is like learning theory first.

I’m of Greek descent and many medical terms are easy to remember because Greek was my first language, not English.

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Hi stefos,
I always searched for the etymology of a word if I don’t understand it, so I dont have problem with terms, the problematic points are some details as the name of proteins that we find in a certain disease, or the drug dosage… so I think you’re right it might help with mnemonics I’ll try it for those point and review them before the exam, then after to strengthen it

Good job…keep going!

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I noticed that when I was in Greece. Many Greek words sound like medical or scientific terms in English, because the words have Greek roots.

  • cardia – heart (cardiac)
  • podi – foot (podiatrist)
  • prosopo – face (prosopagnosia)
  • dontia/dondia – teeth (dental)
  • dakhtilo – fingers (ptero-dactyl)
  • chroma – color (chromatic)
  • etc.

Two other links that might be useful:


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So I passed finally my exam, and for me it was difficult (maybe not enough preparation afterall :confused:), however I wanted to thank you, especially @Stefos for the advices and motivation,…
Now i will focus more on the long term memory for future use in medical practice.

Have a nice day :blush:

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God bless you


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Hi. As a retired doctor, I agree that there is a lot to learn. The best thing you can do now is some form of relaxation/mindfulness to calm your mind and let the “block” caused by your anxiety to disappear. Geoff

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Hi Dr,
Thank you for the advice, I’m working on it.
:relaxed: :blush: