HELP! I'M New To Memory Palace Anatomy and Physiology

I am taking Anatomy and physiology next semester, how do I organize it into palaces obviously there is a lecture and lab.

Lecture is more functions- Knowing definitions and functions (Test-Multiple Choice tests)
Lab is more structure- Labeling and Spelling (Test- a number will be on a bone and I will have to know the bone and label the part also spelling counts)

Should I have a palace for lecture and a palace for lab?
Should I combine lecture and lab palaces? Do palaces have floors? Example bones building first floor functions second floor structures.
Should I put the palaces into chapters according textbook or into systems? such as integumentary system, skeletal system, lymphatic system and so on. The catch is the first couple chapters are chemistry, and directional terms

What is the best way to study?
I have horrible hand writing so I’m thinking of just bullet pointing my notes by typing them. They say you retain the information better by writing it out, how is writing different from typing in the kinesthetic sense? do both or is it more of how I review the bullet points then writing them all out then typing them all out. Yes it is a crazy amount of information to write and then type. Ho would you go about creating palaces for the bones and muscles. I dont just have to know the bone but certain ares on the bone. I’m think zygomatic and thinking of a zebra with an automatic. Voldemort from Harry Potter for Volmer.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

Im brand new to this to so I can only give advice on how to improve handwriting. After 18 years of absolute dog shit handwriting I’ve decided to make a change. But how? There’s two ways the first (and less effective) is to really take your time and write like a kid trying to learn spelling. I think that takes far too long. The second, is to write in cursive. If you don’t already you will have to try a bit harder than regular and it forces you to write neat. Good luck.

Thanks my mom use to say write in all CAPS because it is easier to see!