Hello""" i am new my name is michael


Hello my name is michael I am from the astral dynamics forum i hangout there allot

I come here to learn to master speed reading

I also have exercises to share not written in the speed reading book of tony buzan as a extension exercises for the brain exercises i will teach you how to do them

such as

^^ Photographic memory training sample

I can teach you guys to make your own photographic memory exercises that will help extend the muscle in your brain

I do daily,

gaining control of your eye movemets daily ;/ 15mins
photograph exercise % training daily done 30mins
Formal Reading by a desk daily ;/
scanning % training daily 20mins done
subvocalization 15 mins daily 129page done 15mins

I do 1 hour of speed reading each day

I don’t do some of the other exercises just yet from the book because i having channeling negative entities atm that speed read threw my briain and it could be used against me

I am raising my vibration at a certain point it would not be in my vibration to have the channel entities in my vibration within myself

When I speed read often 1 second per 75% of a sentence most of the times i can’t process the information. what am i doing wrong??.

The information most of the times doesn’t get digested internally threw my brain

what am i doing wrong??

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Welcome to the site!

I haven’t done much with speed reading techniques, but maybe someone else will have some tips.


Yes, Please teach me.


i would like some energy echange 1st i would like to be taught what i am doing wrong so it’s win win for both sides


i was going to add a wordpad document to the forum thread how do i do that?

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The forum doesn’t support wordpad format, but you could write your thoughts directly in the forum or in a Google Doc and then link to the Google Doc from the forum.


am i on the right forum to get speed reading support or is it the wrong forum?

Thanks Josh Cohan i will try to do it when i can

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There is also a speed reading section. You could post your question and document there if you want.


can the mods please shift this thread into the speed reading section

how long do i have to wait to get speed reading support, i really need much appreciated supporting me forum members

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Sure, I’ve moved it to the speed reading section. People tend to reply if they know the answers. Sometimes it helps to reword the question.

I haven’t done much with speed reading. I was an obsessive reader when younger and became a fast reader that way. I still spend many hours each day reading and writing text, which I think helps a lot with symbol/word recognition. It’s just a suspicion, but I wonder if the ability to recognize the shapes of words quickly is significantly more important than whether your eyes travel to the end of each line or not.

When I tried speed reading techniques, they didn’t seem to have much additional effect, so I didn’t spend much time on them. There are other people who have seen good results though. You can read some of the previous discussions about it here.


page 139 has super concentration and comprehension chapter however there are no exercises i have detected that can help me with my speed reading development on developing good comprension

can someone please send me a comprension brain exercise that can work on improving what i digest mentally from other sources

(Josh Cohen) #13

A quick and easy way to increase comprehension is to stop occasionally and imagine teaching the material to an imaginary student (Feynman technique). It might help to scribble some quick notes and simple sketches while you’re studying too. I tend to highlight and write notes directly in my books.

If you extract quick notes, you can also memorize them with the help of techniques like memory journeys and peg lists.

Studying before sleeping seems to help with retention too.


is there a easier exercise josh cohen??

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I’m not sure if I know anything else that might be useful. Mentally manipulating information helps with retention – whether it’s something like rephrasing the information (Feynman Technique, notes, etc.) or creating mnemonics. I think the Feynman Technique is the simplest way to remember something, because it doesn’t require any preparation – just stopping for a moment here and there to digest and rephrase the information.

You might want to check out some of the links in the speed reading section. I haven’t looked into speed reading very closely.


i am struggling with retention even if tony buzan millennium speed reading edition there is no exercises to improve retention

i can’t seem to find sources from youtube


Feynman Technique,

is it reading out loud