Healthy bedtime visualization :)



I enjoy watching horror movies, but even the scariest ones, like The Grudge or The Ring, don’t have this ‘pee in my pants’ effect. To make it scarier, I make memory palaces of these movies, and then, preferrably at bedtime when I am alone in dark room, I visualize myself into those scenes as vividly as I can. Now, if you dare, try doing the same:


I am in my home alone, peacefully sleeping in my bed. It's night, the lights are off, the room is dark. I wake to do my midnight 'empty the bladder' routine. The route to the toilet goes through the living room. I slip myself off the bed, and walk to the living room. When I am in the middle of the room, the TV turns on. I stop and pinch my fingers against the edge of the table next to me. In the screen, far a way somewhere in the centre of a foresty field, there is a lonely well.


Slowly out of that well climbs a girl, long dark hair covering her face. Sluggisly, she starts walking towards the screen. When she reaches there, she pushes her hands out of the screen…pushes her body out…and falls on the floor.


Still lying on the floor, she turns her face towards me, and utters: URGHH. URGHH. Slowly, with sudden strikes, she starts crawling towards me. I can’t do anything, I stand there like a rock, and watch horrified how the girl gets closer…and closer…until finally she is close enough, and I feel how she grabs my foot, and takes a sudden push.

And now I fall into the well. Water is freezing cold, plus my soaking wet pajama makes it really hard to stay on water. There are some slippery bricks protruding out of the wall, which I can grab hold onto. Weakly, I start climbing out of the well. The bricks have these sharp pointy ends, which I support my palms really hard against, and in return every time I do so they scratch my palms painfully.

When I am somewhere in the middle, I can hear something is splashing in the water. I look down, and see that a bunch of black hair is floating in the middle. Then this hair starts rising, revealing a pale-white, horryfying, rotten face, that appears on the surface. She opens her dead red cat eyes with vertical pupils, and the face turns towards me. The creature starts screaming with high voice. And slowly, her hands and feet moving like a spider’s arms, she starts climbing up towards me, only one aim in her mind: to bring me down into the deepness of that well forever.

Taking all my strength together, I continue climbing, every moment taking a peek below to see how far the creature is. Whatever I do, she comes closer and closer. Almost up, I can feel how a cold hand grabs my foot. I try to shake her off, but already she has gripped her hands around my belly. I release one of my hands, stretch it to my back, and grab the girl by its teeth. One forceful pull, AND THE ROTTEN HEAD COMES OFF THE BODY. The dead eyes are still watching me. I scream how I can, and let let the head fall into the water.

I still feel how the rest of the body is still clambering onto my ribcage. Fortunately, it’s wet and slippery, and it gradually starts to slip away, until finally it too falls into the waters. This time, the head and body stay floating in the bottom of the well. I take a relaxed breath, and commit myself making the last pushes, until I can finally reach my hands out of the fell. Suddenly, THE FACE APPEARS ABOVE.


The cat eyes look me, and I watch how she closes the well head with a heavy stone plate. I can feel agonizing pain when the plate crushes my hands. Everything goes dark, and I can feel the chilling winds blowing when I fall…fall…the girl in the well waiting for me, stretcing her hands wide open…

I wake up in my bed. My whole body is covered in cold sweat, I wipe my face clean. Whooh! What a nightmare! I think. I turn my face, and THE GIRL IS SLEEPING NEXT TO ME, her dead eyes staring, her hand tenderly brushing my hair. I scream, she screams in return. The creature lingers over me, and we are having sex, my hot body tightly entangled against her cold one, her long slippery tongue twisting in my mouth.
And so they lived happily ever after. THE END

My last attempt to write this story failed hilariously: I had just watched both well scenes from The Ring and The Ring 2, and two times the sensations, magnified by horryifing pictures, became overwhelming and I just had to stop writing to turn the light on. Finally I quitted. That night all the neighbours could see how r30 must be studying for the exams, because the light emanating from his window stayed on till the morning :D. And for the next week every time I looked the armchair in my bedroom, my subconscious mind filled it with that Samara girl sitting there, lurking me. What an interesting experience.

How was the story? Have you practised this kind of visualization? Some people in this forum already have experienced the frightening side of visualization. Either the way, the fear makes life a bit more refreshing, and for some it can be a thrill/challenge (a masochistic one?)/vivid memory/refreshing experience. Which one, is up to you.

It’s 4 am. Right now watching Fringe season 2 episode 5 (it has demonic faces in it). That and thanks to the visualization I just went through again, I’m seriously considering whether to turn the light on or not. I don’t dare to look towards the armchair. After every while I get the feeling like something is standing behind me. Cold breeze is touching my ear, like it would be breathing into my ear.

Ok, I’m gonna continue with the 6th episode.

this is r30 brother

guys, my brother is dead! i’m sitting in the living room, watching how medical team is packing up his body. anyways, they say it was heart attack. i dont know, some couple hours ago i woke up, went to living room, and there he was. now i read this topic (his laptop was open), and i men he had such a terrified face, still watching the computer screen when i found him…
guys…i mean, could this ring story be true? i mean, when i read what he wrote here it seems like he was really into it, imagined stuff and everything. i mean, i also watched the movie, but i never imagined stuff like that. plz answer

maybe someone should delete this topic. you know, someone else might try same.

Argghh, you so funny man…

Interesting stuff. I’ve been practicing visualization skills lately, (ie: imagine 3d complex object floating around, all details). This is something else though.

You’re memorizing a movie, making a memory palace out of it(check), and then visualizing yourself in it, interacting with it, feeling it, basically The Matrix… It might have some benefit(other than improving visualization skills). It will make some very memorable palaces, but also might trick you into believing they were actual memories. I know I dream so much, sometimes I start talking to somebody about something he said previously, and they’re like ‘No, I didn’t say that’, and I remember it must have been a dream… But with this, you would have full control of implanting these memories. They might have a beneficial effect psychologically, if you choose someone very virtuous or so.

Anyway, good stuff… I might watch American Psycho later…

Pat Bateman

when i further investigated his computer, i found this poem he had started writin’. there was a note that this will be hes 20th joke. i spent the whole afternoon tryin’ to complete it. be it in the honour of r30 :crown:

i believe that my brother will be’ well, forever! :innocent: :slight_smile:


btw: it was also noted that this joke will be the hardest one to crack.

guys, i’m starting to freak out more and more. the autopsy report came back and doctors say the following:
the 21y old male died of an heart attack. but they are completely puzzled, what caused it.
in addition they discovered even more strange sightings: there were some fresh bruizes on his hands (palms), and feet. and his pajama was wet all over, just like he’d been under a shower with them.
and what’s more: they asked me if my brother had any girldfriends, which I of course said no, haven’t ever seen him around girls. i asked why they want to know. and here’s the strangest thing: he obviously had had sex that night, because they discovered a condom around his p***s, covered in sperm.

now, taking this all together, do you see what i mean. 1. bruises 2. wet the conclusion they arrived was

  1. poor man was so lonely that he masturbated himself to death in a weird ritual (shower + self-inflicted injuries + condom)
  2. he really was having sex with sb (who i don’t know), and THEIR ritual was so excausting it caused the heart attack

i know my bro well, and i’m telling ya it was not the first one - he wouldn’t have used condom. besides, he always said that masturbation is healthy, so he wouldnt go through such an unhealthy ritual in the middle of the night.

now, that leaves the second one, and he DIDN’T have a girl. So, it must be SAMARA. explains wet and bruises thing too (water and bricks in well). that’s why i’m so freaked out. i’ve read the story, i can see that it has 33 reads. what if the same happens to us too.

i mean, i’ve read that if subconscious mind believes sth really hard, it can become your truth. what mind believes, that does also body. what if r30 was dreaming this same thing he visualized, and his body made it to become true (doctors call it nocebo effect i think). its kind like in Inception, isn’t it? like that suicidal bitch disease he wrote about in his joke thread. i dearly hope you haven’t deeply visualized the stuff he wrote, it may incept into our brains, and do the rest.

anyways, in peace be your souls. i’m gonna sleep with at my girlfriends house today.