Has Beeline Reader updated their app after I sent them a Tweet?

I had recently posted a photo on this forum of Speed Reading which is-
Document 6.docx - Microsoft Word Online
and I had tweeted this to Beeline Reader about this photo which was seen by them(as indicated by the tick symbol on my twitter account)
And It seems that they have now updated their app to improve it and here are the screenshots,Are their any differences between the two photos below and from which photo can you read faster,Sorry for the unclear second photo?

I am posting this forum post in this website because I think that Beeline Reader has improved thier app because of my tweet and if it is then you can notice the similarities between my Speed Reading image and the probably updated mage of Beeline Reader which I think was updated after I posted my Tweet,But I am not fully sure,


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I’m not familiar with BeeLine Reader, but it looks like an interesting idea.

I don’t think I can accurately compare my own reading speeds there because the font on the bottom is harder to read.

Well @Josh you can download the Beeline Reader Extension from Chrome Web Store and then run it and after this it will display the font which is on the second picture which will be much easier and faster to read.

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