Has anyone used mnemonics to learn Russian?

I was seeing if anyone could give me a head start with learning Russian for any resources. I just downloaded duolingo but wanted to incorporate other resources and memory techniques. I have 0 experience with using mnemonics for languages or words but practice with cards sub 45 seconds for a deck and do 00-99 for numbers. Looking to add to my practice by learning Russian.

Thanks for any comments

Greetings, this has nothing to do with with mnemonics, a field in which I’m not qualified enough to advise you, and I have never learnt Russian, but I would advise you to not use duolingo. There are plenty of quality ressources and websites, sometimes completely free to improve your Russian online that are downright better than Doulingo. I would recommend the use of Pimsleur to better the pronunciation, the use of the app tandem if you wanna chat with Russians and hone your sppeaking skills while meeting very interesting people, you really practice and find new friends there, and it’s free. FluentU is reliable, also.
But the Best is always to go listen to natives directly on the russian speaking side of the internet, if you’re willing to, go to vkontakte, watch Russian Youtubers, read reddit threads maybe… That’s what worked for the languages I learnt.
With duolingo I reckon you’re going to learn useless sentences and get bored quickly.
Have a swell day.

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I’ve never heard of any of those. I’ll take a look thanks

There are lots of Russian resources on. HTTPS://forum.language-learners.org

I only just joined this forum and have no experience with memory techniques, but I’m interested to get started and I just finished up my first semester of Russian. I’ll let you know if I think of any tricks!

ah, for memory techniques i recommend making images, actions and objects for cards PAO or PA and tie them into 52 cards then place them at locations. its pretty fun and you only need 2 decks of cards… after you get below 2minutes in cards its pretty easy to switch and incorporate other techniques… good luck

First things first - memorize the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. Don’t memorize “da” and “nyet” - memorize “да” and “нет” instead. This will help immensely in further practice. As for assignments, that I can’t easily help with.