Has anyone here tried the Magnetic memory method?


Just out of interest. I read some posts about this method created by Anthony Metivier.

it’s really salsy honestly. Since I’ve been reading lots of materials and posts about Internet marrketing on the Internet, he is good to apply for Internet Marketing techniques. But it’s really scammy… I felt uncomfortable even it is working… Just imagine you walked into a car dealer shop and the sale comes to you and keeps trying…

I’d like to hear any thoughts!

The magnetic Memory method is a good place to start. But if you are familiar with the basic things like Major, PAO, Memory palace, etc, then you can just stick to this forum and level up.

Have a personalized road map though. I will help you to keep going.


I have not paid for his system, but I have seen his free offerings and as far as I can see he delivers quality content. This is not an endorsement, just my observation for what ever it may or may not be worth.


I have learnt most of what I know apply from Anthony and I can only recommend his content.


All the information that you need is already there on this forum… Now, it’s just a matter of practice and discipline…

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