GTA Vice City and San Andreas Memory Palaces

Hello there everyone. I created a couple of memory palace courses on Memrise and I want to share them with you guys. There are two courses. One around Vice City and the other around San Andreas. It works very well for me since these games have a good impact – good memories – on my past. The San Andreas memory palace is not complete, but if you liked it and joined the course, you would encourage me to create more paths. The San Andreas course is supplemented with videos, by the way, so as to make it easier. Please, check them out.

You have a great day guys.

Very nice!! i have been thing about using GTA for a while but I always wondered what would be good to use for the locations.

gta V would be nice! (much more realistic graphics)

Probably, but it’s not that much of an option for me, unfortunately. I have never played GTA 5, nor do I have a computer and OS suitable for it. Vice City and San Andreas are games that I was playing (or rather obsessed) as a kid and the cities are very familiar to me, plus they get along with Wine. So it works very well for me. I made these courses for myself; however, I am happy to share them with other people. And if I see that people are interested in it, I will add videos to supplement the courses. Today, I am going to upload five new paths around Los Santos, by the way.

Thank you. I think, just like me, you can use it to learn new vocabulary and expressions, key shortcuts, programming language libraries, key points of a presentation, numbers, playing cards or what have you. This list could go on and on an on. Take your pick!

Oh, Oculus Rift…why do you tease me so?

Hi I joined your GTA san andreas and vicecity course. So far the virtual memory palace is working great!! But I rarely played GTA before and the first video for san andreas mind palace was really effective and efficient. I was wondering if you could put more videos of san andreas mind palace soon. Again, thank you for the memrise course!

Hi. Thank you, that’s very nice of you. Actually, I shot videos for every single memory palace in San Andreas I posted from the very beginning, but when I was in transit in Moscow, someone broke into my temporary dwelling and stole my laptop with all the information I stored in it. That’s a drag… Not an auspicious start. But your post is an inspiration for me. I recently got a new one and now I am configuring it. I’ll try to find some time on the next weekend and finish up with it. If you like video editing, you can help me. Just send a PM.
Thank you.

Oh man! I’m so sorry for your loss…
Thank you so much for trying to find time to create the videos. I do like editing videos, but lately I don’t have much free time, so yeah…bummer.

A little backstory: It’s quite a big deal to me to finish these 3 in a span of a few months since I originally played these in such far proximity. Played SA in 2009, VC in 2005 (finished for the first time in 2016), and LCS in 2018. I played SA and VC originally with cheats because I just wanted to get to the last mission, so now I wanted to play it with none to measure the difficulty and to really understand the story. VidMate app

Few thoughts:

San Andreas:

  • Had to play it in 0% res, and even with that, interiors and ped-filled areas were still very laggy. The meat mission was a complete bitch to get through because of the lag so I had to rely on the auto-target, press the shoot button, and hope for the best.
  • Gang wars looked a lot easier when I was playing with cheats. I didn’t expect to die so much especially in the last stretch where you had to occupy a percent of the territories.
  • Though a lot of the missions were unnecessary, the huge map and long journey really works for the return to LS arc. I understand the frustration of getting lost in the woods or desert with no car, but I guess that’s the purpose of the huge map: to really prevent you from wandering to LS until the last arc.