Groups not supported in Memo Sets

I have a sense that I am going to become a bit of a pain in the ass.
Migrating data from Systems to Memosets and just realized.
Groups. doh!

Just a short list of memo sets I have thought that I could work into to:
Being able to order and.or tag memosets probably also nice.

Memoset cards
My Major System 100
120 Squares 120
Exponents 3
Logarithms 3
Euclid 3
Cards - Bicycle (52 Cards) 3
Cards - Thoth (78 Cards) 3
Constellations 85
Zodiac 13
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The new version of the software (not yet released) does include groups in memo sets.

In the meantime, you could just add a column called Group and get mostly the same result.

In some cases, it will make sense to use additional columns instead of groups when converting a system to a memo set. For example, if you have a PAO system with one group for Person, another for Action, and another for Object, it would make sense to have columns for those in a memo set so you could see everything together.


Where groups is nice is when you want to test directly against a few different dimensions selectively

a => b
b => a
image for b => image for a
a => image for b

groups allows for nice variation and lets you to practice in both(or multiple) directions.

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